Tuesday, February 15, 2011


skirt: Targs, top: H&M recycled polyester!, boots: BCBG

so we went out to dinner last night. which was a huge mistake. and i dolled all up for it too. we went to the only local joint in town: Antoninos. which is normally really really REALLY good italian food that makes me weak at the knees. although last time we went, we gave the waitress a $7.50 tip...and got charged $75.00 for the tip! yikes! we caught the error and they reimbursed us, so it was OK. but last night. just, no. they fail.

1. we had dinner reservations at 7. we arrived at 7. girl says "will be 15-20 minutes!"
2. while standing and waiting, a framed menu fell on the ground and shattered everywhere.
3. when the kitchen door opened, JJ saw 3 loaves of bread on the floor.
4. we were seated at 7:35
5. no one came to our table for 15 minutes.
6. when we actually DID get service, we're 99% sure that we got one of the loaves of bread that was on the floor. because it was so old and hard and gross that it like snapped in half when we tried to eat it. which was heartbreaking because that bread is usually so delicious.
7. our waiter dropped an entire tray of food.
8. appetizer came. cold.
9. our food came: mine was ice cold. JJ's was literally rice-a-roni.
10. we embarrassingly told the waiter that mine was cold, and JJ kindly said, "this was just an off night i think, we usually love it here, sorry man, we don't mean to be rude."

and then the waiter removed JJ's meal, warmed mine up and brought it back out. at that point i was just feeling like i really didn't want to be there anymore. so i downed my wine and we GTFOOT. and went home to snuggle up in our new sweatshirts, watch the bachelor and laugh about the ridiculously horrible dining experience. JJ said next year he will just cook us a delicious meal. NO MORE GOING OUT TO DINNER ON VALENTINE'S DAY. EVER. EVER. EVER.


  1. oh no! you looked so hot, too! def cook for yourself next year.

  2. I TOTALLY agree. We went Saturday and celebrated without the annoyances of V-day- you know, tables too close, prix fixe menu (ug!), bad service. no thanks! dress up at home- you looked hot lady!! ;)

  3. SOOO CUTE! You are pretty in lace Lacie. (I dont think thats lace, but duh! Ruffles.


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