Friday, February 25, 2011

we are SO LA

jeans: Joe's Jeans, top: J.Crew, sweater: BCBG, mary janes: Target, belt: F21, scarf: gift from Rah

good morning friends. i'll just lean casually against my fireplace mantle and consequently look like a large idiot.

but that's my favorite pink chair. i just adore it.

it's pouring rain outside. POURING. like c'mon! we live in californiaaaaaaaa gimmie some sunnnnn!

confession: i was late to work this morning because i stopped at McDonald's to shove an egg and cheese biscuit and a hashbrown down my hatch. WHOOPS. i mean, sometimes it has to be done.

this morning was a morning in which i felt as thought i had nothing to wear. even though i have plenty to wear. today i wanted to wear my pink petticoat and my new skull tee. but i can't just waltz into work wearing that. so i wore this outfit. nothing too creative. just a little cute. that's also conservative and appropriate for work (DID YOU KNOW EVERYONE WEARS JEANS ON FRIDAY?! SO THRILLED)

today i put my pandora on "90s" and have literally been ROCKIN OUT to gems like:

1. DON'T SPEAK no doubt
2. SAVE TONIGHT eagle-eye cherry
3. ONE WEEK barenaked ladies
4. JUMPER third eye blind

i mean HOW JEALOUS ARE YOU RIGHT NOW!? i even stood up and used an air microphone during one chorus of don't speak, because Gwen is the greatest, obviously. thank GOD my office is a nook/cave so no one can see me.

tonight we are going to LA. which is a big deal. because usually on fridays we are home and cozy. but tonight my good friend Curly Tyler's band is performing. at 11 p.m. no less. so JJ and i are going to be cool. REALLY COOL. we are going to put on our cardigans and grab our canes and head on over to Westwood for dinner and then going to the Room 5 Lounge to watch Curly Tyler and his band play. we are SO LA.

the work study student working in the office today has wet hair and is hunched over his desk looking miserable. and he smells of stale liquor and sweat. ah, college.


  1. you are so L.A. In fact L.G. just became L.A. (at least it's not that was college!YEOW!!!) Heard you guys may get snow - or was that a dirty rumor? miss your dumb face! ;) xo.

  2. True story: member when I told you to google pandora? HAHHAHAHAHAH.
    i love the air mic! There is no way youre going to stay longer than 30 mins at 11pm. GOOD LUCK GRANNY L. xox


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