Tuesday, March 22, 2011

angry birds

skirt: Richard Chai for Targ, embellished tee: Ann Taylor Loft, tights: Targ, belt: Gap, boots: BCBG

this pic is at an awkard angle. JJ was mad at me this morning for making him go outside in his shorts with the lobsters on them and pirate socks--but sans shirt. hahahha i tried to take a picture of him but he wouldn't let me. it was a funny little sight. i like the way the sky is peeking into the picture.

and guess what? I'M WEARING A REAL, LIVE BRA IN THIS PIC. amazing. but my boobs look weird i think. like two awkward random lumps that just are hanging out there. whatever. bras are so uncomf. i like training bras from american apparel so much better. 

i sent a package to M, S and Baby P today. they love nothing more than angry birds. you know angry birds. the infamous iPhone app?? c'mon. if you don't know, then i might punch you. well i found these angry bird plush toys on amazon. LOL i got one for each of them and they're hilar. like really hilar. so i mailed them today and i can't wait until they open them. i'm such a good ex-nanny, aren't i? i miss those little nuggets everyday. which is why i love technology because i can facetime with them on their mom CP's phone. 

i'm going to target on my lunch break to get bananagrams. i'm going to make JJ play with me. my mom, CA, CA's boyfriend N-dogg played bananagrams this weekend at home and it's SO FUN and SO ADDICTING and SHUT UP MOM "TAH" IS A WORD I WIN.....okay FINEEEE actually i lose. it's an acronym...see below:

from dictionary.com:

"TAH: total abdominal hysterectomy."

sigh. i hate to lose.

ps i read A Reliable Wife on the plane rides. GREAT BOOK. so juicy. and i blushed a few times bc it was sexual. but great story. i dove right in and didn't ever want to stop reading it!


  1. i'm pretty sure i've read a reliable wife, too! i stole it off my mom's bookshelf. it is a bit sexual but quite the thrilling read.

  2. GAWD! You look so much like your Uncle Spence! Papa agrees...


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