Wednesday, March 9, 2011


black jeans: Union, top: Nord Rack, belt: forevs, booties: UNKNOWN

what up dawgs? srsly i'm a slow creepy crawling death virus today. bulhhhhgggg. JJ and Cleo passed out on the bed last night at 7:30. that's real. they were horizontal across the bed. like, really guys? scoot the shit over so i can fit. so i did all of our nasty casino Vegas laundry, cleaned the kitchen and THEN went to bed (, no?) but really i bummed around in bed watching my shows. and i watched Greek. and. i. cried. BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS THE LAST EPISODE. LIKE EVER. EVER EVER EVER. THERE ARE ZERO GREEKS LEFT. i really did cry. a little tear came down my cheek. i loved it bc it made me nostalgic about college. i cried for Casey and Cappie that their college life was over.

i woke up this morning just sick as a dog. all sneezy and wheezy and sore-throatie. and i had the worst night of sleep ever. i had dreams that i ruined my sister's wedding. i dreamt that i got lost in the store so i was late to her wedding, and then i showed up in the wrong dress and then her husband was drunk because he had been drinking bourbon all morning (like, what?!?!? does that even meannnn?!?!?) so it was a bad sleep. and this morning i didn't actually get out of bed until 7:30. and poured an emergen-C into my tea and took some dayquill. poor, poor L. i never get sick. like i haven't had so much as a cold since summer. my point is that i feel like shit on a stick today. but guess what? i still went to mass on my lunch break like a good like semi-"Catholic" girl. technically i'm not actually Catholic yet. but i got all ashy today:

ash: from the priest's bowl.

givin up taco bell (ahem...all fast food) again this year. i mean ghaaaaaaaaaaa it's SO HARRRRDDDDDDDDD. also all pop. which i have already mostly done, but JJ suggested it for both of us. in fact, his exact wording was, "we're giving up all soda and all fast food BUT PIZZA DOESN'T COUNT" so typicall JJ, isn't it? like he has to scream at me via text BUT PIZZA DOESN'T COUNT!!!

but we'll probs have another TB Easter Feast this year. CAN'T. WAIT.

does anyone else see an ungodly amount of dead cats on the road?!?!?!!??! i mean, ALMOST EVERY SINGLE EFFING DAY. it's SO AWFUL! omg. dead cats love me.


  1. We have matching smudges! When my Uncle Phil was about 5 he went to Ash Wednesday service for the firsr time and the priest told him "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and to dust you shall return". He asked his mother what that meant and she told him that when he died he would turn to dust. When bedtime came he refused to go into his bedroom, "because of all the dead people under the bed!" LOL Sorry you feel bad, Tootsie!

  2. I am anonymous! I never do the posting thing right! DRAT!


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