Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Time Decision

skirt: F21, tank: Material Girl-Macy's, sweater: Frenchi, belt: Express, shoes: Steve Madden, bag: Jessica Simpson

i slept on my wet hair. know how you can tell? by the nasty part where my head was nestled against my pillow all night LOL.

today i made a real, life-changing decision in the car on the way to work:

are you ready for this?


i'm growing out my bangs.

i know, a HUGE deal. but they're really bugging me. just hanging around covering up my eyes and shit. like i just want them out of the fudging way. STAT. so out they grow. it felt SO good when i pulled them back this morning:

yeah, i KNOW i shouldn't take pics in the car because it's dangerous and whatnot, but it had to be done. i had to document the moment when i made my Big Decision. i even called JJ and said, "i have something important to tell you..." and he was all "WHAT WHAT WHAT?!" and i told him The Big News. he sighed....the kind of sigh that means "L, why must you be such a Drama Queen?"

this skirt is the greatest. i got it this summer and it feels like i'm wearing sweatpants!! it's SO COMF I COULD DIE.

gearing up for VEGAS this weekend. mentally and physically. i slept from 9 p.m.-6:45 a.m. i did some more lunges last night. i have been drinking lots of water and taking vitamins. i ordered me and JJ some kool Gonzaga sweatshirts. i bought some champagne and peach schnapps. i also ordered skull earrings that should be here TODAYYYY. i think we're totally ready. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU MOON, JUELZ SANTANA, BLACK DAHLIA, BARTH, PLOU, RAH & NEBULAR!!!


  1. Love your blog, but you need to update your format to have bigger pics!!

  2. OKAY OKAY! i figured out how to make em bigger ;) thnx!

  3. What´s LeCroix and who´s Don Draper?

  4. mommm! la croix is sparkling water flavored with fruit.

    don draper is the main character on MAD MEN!!!! our new favorite show!

  5. LeCroix is awsome. I drink it when I want a beer but can't have one. i.e. when I'm driving or watching my weight. They don't sell it everywhere but I buy it at Safeway.

  6. OBSESSED with La Croix! totally helped me kick my pop (or soda for those of you who call it that, but really its pop) addiction completely! love it!


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