Sunday, March 27, 2011

dog blues

 jeans: Gap, ombre top: GO international-Targs, sweater: BCBG, silver flats: Aldo

my face: i may or may not have been acting like a brat that morning. but i was mad. those jeans went in the dryer and shrunk. so i can't wear heels with them anymore. JEANS ARE ALWAYS TOO SHORT IT'S SOOOOO ANNOYING.

thursday i spent my whole day at work designing and printing out name tags. so i didn't have time to blog. and friday was my beloved cesar chavez day off and i spent the day in disneyland with Juelz Santana (WHO, BY THE WAY, GOT TO EAT DINNER AT CLUB 33 NO FAIRRRR). and then i went home after disneyland and did our taxes. tres responsible.

yesterday i spent the whole day alone, as JJ was at the king's game and out to dinner for his friend's bday. Cleo and i mosed around, and i watched three episodes of (DON'T MAKE FUN) "the secret life of the american teenager." okay, it's low-budg, but i kinda like it. and molly ringwald plays the mom. it's weird to see her all grown up. then i started cleaning the apartment. the thing about a tiny apartment is that it gets so dirty so quick, but then it's so quick and easy to clean!

and. then. i discovered that my stupidddddddd doggggggg has been peeing on the carpet when we're gone! she was doing so well because i was unemployed and at home. but now that i leave, she pees again. you guys. i just lose. so i went on amazon and ordered a bissel. a hand-held bissel. JJ and i think it's an investment. cheaper than renting a carpet cleaner from the grocery store 200 times.

then Cleo and i were off to TJ Maxx to find treasures/a birthday present for our brother-in-law, Sanjin. (that's his real name by the way. JJ's sis married a Croatian!) which i found. along with A LADYBUG RAINCOAT FOR CLEO. i told my mom and she said, "i thought you were only buying things you 'need' L" ....THAT ONLY APPLIES TO ITEMS $10 AND UP MOM, GHODDD. PLUS IT'S BEEN RAINING LOTS SO SHE NEEDED IT. NEEDED.

when we got home i crafted for a bit and then got back on my computer to keep watching my new fave show, when all of a sudden the powercord for my laptop broke in half. IN HALFFFFF. LIKE, WHAT?! it had been taped in about 13 places because my comp cord was CLEO'S FAVORITE THING TO CHEW as a puppy....but this time it literally broke in half. i tried to tape it back---didn't work. so i went on to buy a new one. a power cords cost $80!??!!? WHAT? NO FUDGING WAY. so i yet again went on amazon. got a new one. with expedited shipping. totaling $50. so basically i spent $100 yesterday because of the dog. (+ $6.99 for a dog raincoat)

the moral of this blog is: don't get a dog

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