Friday, March 18, 2011


 pants: Ross/gift from Rah's Mommy, tee: Target, leather jacket: Hollister, mary janes: Target

some things about this picture:

1. i picked out these jeans and Rah's Mom bought them for me in Vegas as a "congratulations on getting a job" present. isn't she the sweetest? i love them. they're a cool wash and just look adorable on. hilar fact: i got them in the junior's section. the brand? "boom boom jeans" LOLOL

2. i'm obsessed with that leather jacket because it has a hood. i have to hand it to Hollister--best leather jacket award. srsly. 

3. it looks like that shirt is a belly shirt. it's not. it was all tucked up into itself.

4. those three little stains on the stair below me?  my fat husband spilled sauce from chick-fil-a A MONTH AGO. he noticed the stains this morning and said, "well that just goes to show you how horrible that sauce must be for your body if it literally stained the cement." word.

5. red lipstick day! yeeee! i'm wearing it today to exude confidence and power. and i think it's working.

6. FEATHERS IN MY HAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! my friend Nel and i went to get feathers in our hair last night!!! we wanted like 40 more. we're obsessed with them now. here's a close-up:

apparently they're really popular because Steven Tyler wears them on American Idol. i just like them because a. they look like Ke$ha and b. because they're wild. i feel about 30x cooler. 

i ate nachos last night for dinner and we watched the zags kick ass. BRING IT ON BYU YOU'RE NEXT!!! gonzaga's gonna win the whole tournament and i'm gonna win a million dollars. can't wait. 

is it hard for you to swallow carrots? like do they get stuck in your throat? no just me? okay.


PS all the money you spend at today goes to JAPAN. srsly. how awesome is that?! START SHOPPING NOW


  1. you look soo hard in that shot. LOVE the feathers! stop being soo cool, its making me feel old and matronly.

  2. Haha! This post is hilarious!!! Your feathers are so cool and so Ke$ha. Hope you had a great weekend!

    XO, Katie
    Running on Happiness


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