Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glee & balls

blue cords: Gap, blouse: Forev21, sweater: gift, shoes: Vera Wang for Kohl's, hair flower: Ross, sunglasses: Gucci

omg do you guys see that mushroom growing next to my plant?!?!? crazy. and did you get a load of that toilet paper roll that we keep outdoors?? it's quite handy.

har har har. i'm so funny i can hardly stand it. 

this morning i filled up my water bottle and took the first drink. and it sloshed out of my mouth and onto my crotch. so now it looks like i peed myself. i need a bottle with a rubber nipple like a baby. 

last night i got a wild hair up my bum and decided to make dinner! i did, i did, i REALLY did! shrimp pasta, check it out:
doesn't that just look completely yummers?!!? it was.

also last night, during Glee to be exact, my husband decided to be worried about the mole on his shoulder. and started freaking out that he had cancer. then it somehow switched to ball cancer. which he googled. and convinced himself that he had. so he had a panic attack during NEW DIRECTIONS' PERFORMANCE AT REGIONALS AND I'M ALL "DUDE, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR BALLS RIGHT NOW. AS LONG AS THEY CAN MAKE ME SOME BABIES SOMEDAY THEN I'M GOOD." to which he replied, "OMG L, WHAT IF I CAN'T GIVE YOU BABIES?!?!" and i said "THEN WE'LL ADOPT CHINESE BABIES AND NAME THEM PING AND LING HANSEN. NOW GET THE FUDGE OUT OF MY WAYYYYY AND LET ME WATCH GLEEEE" so he mumbled "you'll be sorry that you chose Glee over me when i have ball cancer." sheesh. DRAMA QUEEN. i think his freak out sesh may have had something to do with the cup of coffee he had at 6 p.m. like, c'mon man. calm yourself.

also, i'm so sick of cyberbullying. kids need to understand that it's life-ruining and in some cases life-threatening. BE NICE. even Taylor agrees.


  1. WHAT THE CRAP. i saw those pants on sale at gap and they were JUST BARELY too tight for how bootylicious i am. and it pissed me off. and now you have them and i'm wishing i had just bought them and lost a couple pounds. and now i want your shoes, too. whyyy is my life so hard??

  2. I could not find the mushroom or TP roll & was so confused @ their reference. I felt like I was playing one of those find the hidden object games.

  3. Really? Not during New Directions' performance at Regionals? L, who is this man you claim to love?


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