Thursday, March 17, 2011


skirt: Trouve, top: XOXO, tube top: Wet Seal, sweater: Zac Posen for Targ, shoes: ASOS/gift from Moon, necklace: Targs


that's the only green shirt i have. i hate green. but i do like this shirt. i wear it every year. don't i look evil/mischievous/up to no good? it's my leprechaun face. when i was little my Dad and i made a leprechaun trap. the next morning there was gold glitter all over the trap and a few golden coins--but alas, no leprechaun. 

did you know that i can riverdance? it's true. i even have a green velvet dress with gold trim and high heel tap shoes. our whole dance class learned how in high school. i kind of wish i would have worn those tap shoes to work so that i could bring a little bit o' joy to people's day.

i made my march madness bracket this morning. i just randomly pick. and i put UW and Gonzaga in the final championship game. and JJ was like "c'mon L, that's not real, you want to try and be realistic" and i said SHUT UP IT'S MY BRACKET I WILL DO WITH IT WHAT I WISH! and then i called my Dad and told him and he said "L, that's not real! it's not going to happen" SHUT UP I DON'T CARE! IT'S MY BRACKET!!!!! why is everyone obsessing over MY BRACKET?! i can do whatever i want. 

also this morning, i used dry shampoo. and JJ stood behind me and said, "WOW L, your hair actually smells good for once!" just please.

my coworker made shortbread cookies for me. she told me there's 3 sticks of butter in them. i'm srsly gonna start gaining mad poundage.

also i'm getting something very exciting done to myself today!!!! eeeee! wait til you guys see it tmrw.  (no, it's not a skull tattoo don't worry ghoddddd)


  1. i didn't wear a friggin green thing today. i didn't even realize it was st. patty's day until i signed onto facebook. so out of the loop. you look adorable.


    about the bracket... I know how you feel! Nebular says the same thing to me "be realistic". SERIOUSLY? WHY? BECAUSE SPORTS ARE SUCH SERIOUS BUSINESS?! It's not like I expect to win the 8.9 million dollar contest for getting every winner right (though I do usually pick well)! Anyway, I am just wishing it was Sunday (the first day of spring).


  3. I picked Gonzaga in one of my brackets too. Just because... well... stranger things have happened.

  4. Go Zags! Go Dawgs! Good picks, Lacie :)


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