Friday, March 4, 2011

howdy partner!

skirt: Liberty of London for Target (size XL in little girls section LOL. it's reaaaaally tight on my belly), tee: Converse, cowboy boots: Miz Mooz, pearls: Nord Rack

HOWDY YA'LL! i'm feeling very hoe-down-y this morning! 

first things first:

1. how do you like my bloggie's makeover? the lovely Moon re-did it for me because i'm a tech idiottttttt. so now my pics are nice and big and my blog is nice and clean and crisp. i hope you like it. because i'm not changing it. 

2. are you as obsessed with those boots as i am? OB-FUDGING-SESSED. those are the ones that i left out in the rain all night on accident, rmbr? so they have the perfect distressed cowboy look to them. like maybe in my past life i was a thinner, hotter, girlier John Wayne, yes?


there ya go! i will tell each story. from left to right.

one. that bracelet was given to me by Rah. just minutes before we pulled out of Spoke in the moving van. it was a tearful goodbye, and the bracelet is so special. it says "once a gypsy always a gypsy."

two. Moon is allergic to silver and nickel. her snob skin can only handle precious metals such as pure gold or platinum. and obviously i can't afford jewelry made of such. so i got us these friendship bracelets. there's no metal to be found on them. just leather and twine. 

three. my skulllllll bracelet. it's made from an old belt. i got it on etsy. i wanted a skull tattoo and JJ was like DON'T DO IT L, YOU'LL REGRET IT FOREVERRRRR so i got this bracelet instead of a tattoo. and it's pacifying me for the time being. 

four. i got this in Disneyland. Rah picked it out. and i got to use Nebular's dad's Employee discount! sa-weet! 

five. this bracelet was purchased in Epcot. my dad got them for all my sissies and me. this was the same trip when i had really bad gas and i kept farting really bad and my family got so annoyed with me. so my dad made me walk 20 feet behind the family. so i was left alone to walk in my own stink. child neglect. 

i always wear these bracelets. sometimes i switch em up, but these are the basic five that cover my wrist usually at all times. now you know my life.

if you have not done so already, go check out my story on there's a link in the post below this.



  1. lovely bracelets -and lovin your blog layout:) Great post

  2. love the new look! so sleek! good job moon!

  3. Needs to be added to the story of bracelet #5: child neglect, I think not--you forgot to mention that you were in college at the time! Miss you.....xoxoxo

  4. The story behind bracelet #5 is so funny. Well I do love those boots, the whole outfit really.

    By the way I am happy to say I am your newest follower and I hope you can stop by and perhaps follow too :)

    Write it in lipstick


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