Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i heart selah

pants: Lulu Lemon, sweatshirt: Roxy, hat: re-discovered in my old room, sparkle Ugg, sunglasses: Gucci

are you looking at this picture thinking "WHAT?!" well here's why: my mom and i planned an impromptu surprise trip home to Selah for my sister M's grad party! woohoo! i left work on Friday at 4 and hopped on the plane with a weekend bag and a smile. and yes DUH i ate Qdoba in the Alaska terminal in Seattle. my mom came to pick me up from the airport with my sister's dog as her decoy in the car and it was so fun to waltz into the house and freak my dad and sister CA out. it was even more fun to hide in the closet and jump out and scare the poop right out of sister MM when she got home later that night. 

it was just so much fun. and i slept in my high school bedroom. and Chanel snuggled with her birth mother (that's what i call myself to her. and MM is her adoptive mother. although now that i'm typing it, i see that something's wrong with the picture of me being Chanel the cat's birth mother...) anyway, this pic was taken on Saturday. it was a grunge day while me and CA went shopping all around town...trying to find a gift for M at her party. we also picked up a few things for ourselves...he he he. the party for M was also a surprise and that was so fun to see the look on her face. obviously i picked out M's outfit because i wanted her to not show up in jeans to the party at the country club. she looked bomb.com. and the party was a success. and i ate the best salmon ever for dinner.
on Sunday we woke up at the devil's hour (4:30) to drive to Tacoma for MM's volleyball tournament that M coaches. i decided to stay awake in the car instead of sleep so i could talk and hang out with my parents. then i had to watch volleyball until noon when KKiss picked me up and took me to a sandwich shop for lunch. then i went to her brand new townhouse that she just bought and we drank wine and did her taxes. we met back up with my family to have dinner but everywhere was closed---so i said goodbye to KKiss and headed to the airport. and teared a little when i had to say goodbye to abruptly to my parents and sisters. saddddddd.

i love going home. i forget how much i love lazy ol Selah until i come back.  love you Selah.

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