Monday, March 14, 2011


skirt: Zac Posen for Targie, shirt: American Eagle, sash: Targie, tights: Urban, shoes: Italy, sunglasses: Gucci, awesome new bracelet: Juicy Couture

i'm channeling my inner schoolgirl/Kourtney Kardashian today:


it's going to be so hot today. like 80 degrees hot. so i was going to leave the house without tights but JJ said that skirt was a bit too short and suggested i put on tights. isn't he thoughtful? 

want to know something hilar about that shirt i'm wearing? like....say, how OLD it is? let's just say that i wore it in my SENIOR PICTURES IN HIGH SCHOOL OMG! it's so old but it's great. versatile and soft and perf (and it may or may not be yellowing in the armpits). i love it. even JJ said "i recognize that shirt from your parents' house!" he was referring to my ginormous senior pic that is hanging in the dining room. haaaahaaahahaha

well i had to leave for work sans phone. AND I FEEL NAKED. JJ is taking it to the apple store as i type this. which is such BL (bad luck) because they get an ipad2 shipment at noon. so it's going to be a ZOOOOO. i love him so much for doing that for me.

reason why i hate him very much: i got into my car (he was the last one to drive it) and my gas tank is on empty. and OBVIOUSLY i didn't have enough time to fill up this morning. so as i started driving, i instinctively reached for my phone to call and yell at my idiot darling husband. but NARDS, no phone. so i just screamed into the air in my car. which was probably better because i got to blow off the initial anger inside my car instead of through the phone into JJ's ear. pat on back, L. 

so this morning i'm like DYING without my phone and WWF and texting and my horoscope app and angry birds and tetris and oregon trail. i'm SO old fashioned right now.

on a HILARIOUS note, i got this e-mail from JJ this morning:

Cleo had a LARGE dingle berry after she pooped outside this morning (good dog) but when I pulled the dingleberry, out came a huge rubber band from her anus. I pulled it out of her anus.


also, i heard this from my coworker this morning: 

gravity is the enemy of old underwear.



  1. HAHAHAHAHA a dingle with a rubber band leash!! that is greatness. And I really love the outfit. Zac Posen for Targ?! Why dont I know about that?

  2. nice work! you should copy kim as well, i know she's rocked a fur vest on occasion. you could wear your rave vest. haha!

  3. cute! I actually like your outfit way better!

  4. omg i love your stockings!!! so cute... which brand are they? do they have a reinforced toe?


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