Tuesday, March 29, 2011

leg hair problem

giant houndstooth skirt/tee: Go International @ Target, socks: Kate Spade, heels: Isaac Misrahi for Target, bracelet: Juicy Couture

i had jellybeans for breakfast.

did i tell you that my car's bumper is inside my trunk? yes, it's true. it fell off when i was driving it and i ran it over. sad, sad day. the guy at the volvo place said $1,500 to get a new bumper. so that's why my car is bumper-less. i think i'll ask for a bumper for my birthday. 
i'm excited for it to be officially april on friday. because that means the Fab 5 get-together is SOON (as in NEXT WEEK). (KKiss is coming the 6th, KitKat and LJ on the 7th and Sam on the 8th) yeeee! also i love april fool's day. we put saran wrap on the toilet in my parent's bathroom so my Dad's pee sprayed all over when he went. we knew it worked when we heard him yell the F word. once we put all his underwear in the freezer. that was hilar. and we rubberbanded the sink sprayer in the kitchen so that when my Mom turned the water on it would spray right in her face. actually she fell for that one every year. hahahahhahahahaaa. i gotta think of something totally brill to get JJ with. if you have any ideas, let me know. 

also i have a dentist appointment today. JJ found a place that does $39 basic cleanings for people who don't have dental insurance (me). i haven't had my teeth cleaned since before my wedding. sooooo, i hope i don't have any cavities. now that i'm thinking of it, i probably shouldn't have eaten jellybeans for breakfast. i can't wait to have nice clean teeth. but here's why i don't really want to go to the dentist today: i'm wearing a skirt. and i realized after i left the house that i haven't put a razor to my legs since.....you guys this is SO EMBARR....since i went to Vegas. so that's roughly four weeks ago. my leg hair is blonde, so it's really not that bad. but up close in a dentist chair, i think it will be stupidly noticeable. i could literally braid my leg hair at this point, so i really don't know what to do. i may stop and buy a pair of pants on the way? i told JJ that my legs are unshaven and he acted like i wanted to rob a bank. he was like "EWWW, L. THAT'S DISGUSTING COME ONNN!" and i was like "well you never noticed so shut up. PLUS IT'S NOT LIKE I HAVE BEEN NEGLECTING MY ARMPITS OR SOMETHING." i mean c'mon. i haven't "let myself go" and grown a FUPA or anything. i just haven't shaved my legs in a short while. ghodddd.


  1. just stop at target and get a pair of tights! why do you think you never see my bare legs in outfit pics? HAIR CITY. and i'm the mayor. hahahaha



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