Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lifetime of La Croix

pants: TJ Maxx, pink top: William Rast for Targs, sweater: Converse, shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Targs, necklace: gift from Dee, bun: thanks Sydney

nothin like a glass of wine before work. JK JK JK! it's grape juice. don'tchya just love that last shot that JJ got of me looking annoyed and concerned?? LOL. i think i look like my mom's brother Uncle Spence in that pic.

that necklace is awesome. it's from Dee. she got it when she lived in South Africa and it's all hand-beaded with hand-made and dyed beads! cooooooool, huh?

those pants i love but they kind of suck. they're real tight and real low-rise because i got them in the juniors section. and when i sit down my butt crack sticks out. it's sexxxy. don't you wish you were standing behind me right now??

things in my life:

1. i went to target with JJ last night! and i actually enjoyed myself. it might have something to do with the bottle of wine i drank before we went, but that's neither here nor there. we got some wonderful things. i literally bought a lifetime supply of La Croix (i.e. six boxes) and JJ bought 3 v-neck t-shirts and a hat for Vegas. he said to me this morning, "i feel like Don Draper in this hat." i mean WATCH OUT WORLD, JJ will knock you out with his good style.

2. this morning JJ said to Cleo, "if you poop in the house again today, i'm shipping you away" like, what? shipping her away? it's not 1920. realistically we could drive her away or something. either way, it's obviously not happening. we love her too much. even with the poop.

3. speaking of poop. isn't it the worst when you are in an echo-ey bathroom and you butt is being all rude and loud? you have to courtesy flush like 200 times and cough so that it drowns out the noise. GAH. THE WORST.

4. when my family was here i begged my mom to buy me these adorable purple and black pants from lululemon. they're so cute. and she was like "L, come on. you need a pair of running pants like you need a hole in your head. you don't even run" and i was all "MOMMMY PLZZZZZ!?!?! CA IS GETTING THEM, THAT'S NOT FAIR. PLZZZ I LOVE THEM?!?!" so she was nice and got them for me. and last night i dressed up all "exercise-y" in my new pants and i even put on tennis shoes and everything. and then i did lunges from the kitchen to the bedroom. pretty good, eh? hopefully that counts for something.

5. the Craig Campbell song "family man" perfectly describes my life:

i've been working as a temp
at the local factory
I hope they hire me on full time
I've got shoes to buy and a mouth to feed

don't you agree???

it's wednesdayyyyyy and i'm going to lunch with Doo. yay! also, have i ever told you that i feel like i have the eyes of a wolf? well, now you know.


  1. EYES of a WOLF....ahahahahah (tatters!) you are too much! ps- love the wine in the morning. (I let out a little squeel when I saw that- then you ruined it with the! ;) xo.

  2. hottie hottie! love the updo!


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