Thursday, March 31, 2011

i lost my package (lol)

pants: Ross, tee: Juicy Couture, shoes: Marshall's


and also i have new hair. i was getting a little bored with the blonde blonde blonde. so she dyed the underneath dark brown and put some brown lowlights throughout. i like it. i feel cool. ALSO, WHILE I WAS GETTING MY HAIR DONE, i had a GLASS OF WINE and my hairdresser and i shared a pizza! how's that for service?! srsly. she took out my feathers. but i'm going back in to get them back soon.

obsessed with these new shoes i got yesterday at Marshall's. i found the best hidden gem of a Marshall's ever in life. and i'm SO THRILLED. and i'm not telling anyone about it. because then they will steal all the good things that could potentially be mine. selfish? i call it smart shopping. 
i also got Cleo a new toy. it's a fluffy pink dog. and it has the longest skinniest legs imaginable. it's hilarious. Cleo likes to suck on the legs like a little weirdo.

also, would you like to know a story of my poor luck??
i ordered Rah a personalized custom birthday gift. on st. patrick's day. and it still isn't here. so i contacted the company and asked why i hadn't received it. they said it was delivered. and they attached the tracking number for USPS. so i clicked. WELL MY FUDGING PACKAGE CONTAINING RAH'S BIRTHDAY GIFT WAS SENT TO THE M.H. IN SPOKANE. just please. so i called my old landlord. and i said, "could i please have the number for the people that currently live in our old place?" NO. NO I CAN'T. WANT TO KNOW WHY? BECAUSE THE CURRENT TENANT IS IN THE NAVY AND IS IN IRAQ. IRAQ. for months. and so Rah's bday gift will sit for months. inside this man's mailbox. the landlord said, "well, i can try to contact him over there..." LIKE NO, I DON'T WANT YOU TO CONTACT HIM. HE NEEDN'T BE BOTHERED WITH A FRIVOLOUS GIRL'S FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!! HE HAS MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT OMG. 

so there my birthday package for Rah sits. inside this man's mailbox. who is in Iraq. and Rah is just down the road. within a mile of her birthday present--all locked away for months inside of a mailbox that isn't accessible. just please. i permanently lose. LOSE.


  1. you lose!! and now Erin & my pressie is going to beat yours!!! we win. (ok, you win for the advice on the fab gift...but we kinda win too..50/50??) :)

  2. Your hair is not just like Noni"s, but they say that the girls in junior high lead the fashion scene!

  3. RAH LOSES!!!!



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