Thursday, March 10, 2011


dress: Converse, boots: Steve Madden, socks: Valentine's pressie from Mommy, neckalce: Moon

i'm gettin' REALLLLL sick of that stupid rocking chair and stupid plant and stupid direcTV cord ALL UP IN MY PICSSSSSSSS ghoddddd. but i'm always running at least 10 minutes late every morning. sooooo it's just easier to take pics on the balcony. also, today JJ was wearing nothing but a bath towel. hahahahah so we didn't need him accidentally dropping said towel in the middle of the apartment complex JUST so he could get a decent pic of his wife. although i WOULD die laughing and it WOULD make a hilar story.

Moon made that necklace! i won her giveaway. no one believes that i fairly won....BUT I DID. and i love this necklace. so thanks Moon. for personally picking me to win. JUST KIDDING. thanks winner-generating-thing for choosing me to win this adorable piece of jewelry.

you guys. last night after i ate the biggest slice of pizza in my life and three popsicles (ok. i admit it. i kinda like pizza now. i KINDA like it.) ...i took Tylenol cold pm. it was the best decision of my LIFE because today i feel like that guy in the Viagra commercial right after he finally gets his hands on some Viagra. i mean i feel on TOP OF THE WORLD. all fresh and happy. and my weenie is standing at full salute (KIDDING. C'MON!) i was OUT COLD all night. i literally didn't move. at least i didn't think i did...then JJ told me i woke up at 2 to tinkle and to hand him the remote and say "get. this. away. from. me" hahaaaa what!?!? and i had a totally random dream about this girl whom i used to call bitchcat in high school. and before you call me mean, just know that the name was totally deserved. she tried to steal my boyfriend. but that's neither here nor there.

i woke up this morning and i literally couldn't open my eyes. i was groggggggggy frogggggggy. my mom texted me "feeling better today?" and i couldn't answer. because all i could feel was grogg. so she told me to get coffee and fresh air. so JJ made me a cup of coffee in my panda mug and i took Cle for a nice little walk. it was SUPERB! like magic. and BOOM i'm feeling like a MILLION BUCKS. WHICH IS GOOD BC RAH AND NEBULAR ARE COMING HEREEEEE THIS WEEKEND.

and when i got to work, my nice nice NICE coworker put a squeaky dog toy and a bag of HOMEMADE TROLLEY CART POPCORN on my desk. i mean, really?!?! my life is great at this point. GREAT. 

tra la laaaa. 

OH and Cleo is now famous via Guideposts now too:



  1. you look great! and days like that are the bessst. like you could trip and fall on your face and it wouldn't matter.

  2. Bitch cat. Ahahaha. Our code names were the best!

  3. oh the thing our husbands do for our blog. LOL. Love the socks peeping out of the boots.

    Write it in lipstick


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