Tuesday, March 22, 2011

monday exhaustion

black jeggings: Targ, top: Steve Madden, faux leather jacket: Forevs21, elephant rainboots: j.crew

here's why i didn't blog yesterday:

i was so tired i could die.

there was a storm in the Cucamongross when my plane was trying to land on sunday night. i was supposed to land at 11:30. i didn't land until 12:30. the plane circled and circled and tried to land. but it couldn't. i thought the pilot was going to turn the plane around. but there were 15 soldiers on my plane who hadn't been home from Iraq in a year, so the pilot sucked it up and landed us. and everyone clapped for the soldiers. it was nice. then i had to wait for the stupid shuttle bus to take me to the stupid economy parking lot WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT WORTH THE $3 savings. and got to my car and drove home. i had been up for 21 hours THAT'S TWENTY-ONE HOURS YOU GUYSSSSS when i finally fell into bed, delirious and crying from my long day. wanting nothing more than sleep. and JJ said "L, i'm sorry, but you stink. like airport. can you please change?" aosdflkasdfajsdflkdsaflkjfas. 

yesterday i could hardly keep my eyes open. it was a hard day. and when i got home there was so much to do around the apartment. and i can't sleep when my apartment is a sty. so JJ and i did a quick clean and watched TV and passed out at 9. this morning i am sill tired, but at least motivated to keep my eyes open.

AND i have friday off. because of Cesar Chavez. thank you Cesar Chavez.

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