Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my butterfly shirt

skirt: i heart ronson @ JCP, blouse: Go International Targs, boots: Steven, hairclip: Square Peg Meg on Etsy

shut up bitches, i'm extra obsessed with myself today. so you get three shots. this is my I AM THE BEST EVER shirt. srsly. i walk with a certain air of confidence when i'm wearing it. i always feel good in it. it's loud yet pretty and makes my boobies look big. i feel like it embodies exactly who i am. i just love it. 

last night i went for drinks for my friend Nel's bday. i made her a pimp cup. it was fun...i love girlfriend time. i need more of it. 

i watched Pretty Little Liars on my lunch break and literally threw a carrot in the air when Ian pried open the door in the fun house where Spencer is trapped. OMFG. i LOVE that show, but my GHOD is it scary. 

tonight i think i will surprise my husband with either an impromptu bike ride or walk to the park. but i had a sore neck for 2 WEEKS the last time i rode my bike. so i don't know. but i do love my bike because it's ADORBS and i just got a hello kitty bell for it. >ding ding< we just need to get out. you see, our routine is that we get up, drink coffee, watch Today, go to work, come home, play with Cleo, sweats, dinner, TV, bed. repeat. i mean, C'MON, we have GOT to switch it up a little.

also, i had an epiphany yesterday: i spend too much money. on shit i do NOT need. so i taped a piece of paper to Hello Kitty Credit Card's face that says "DON'T DO IT. YOU DO NOT NEED IT. DON'T MAKE HELLO KITTY SAD." except i forgot that i had to get gas on the way home from work yesterday so i had to rip the paper off. it was a nice try, though.

i'm really going to try not to spend so much money on...SHIT. srsly. except there is one thing that i really really REALLY need in order to be cool in my life that i'm getting on thursday. but really really truly though, i need to be better. especially since there are horrible things going on in Japan. it makes me feel selfish to think that i am buying iphone cases and lipstick when people don't even have a home or food. DONATE DOLLARS TO JAPAN

on a final note, i'd like to point out that it's tuesday booze day. i'm going to have a healthy ass glass of wine tonight. you know, it's good for you. full of antioxidants and shit.


  1. Obsessed with your shirt...next time you see something so butterfly chic get me one too!! I'll pay you back. So jeal!

  2. PIMMS CUP, not Pimp cup! As your Great-uncle John would say, "GAWD!"

  3. no....PIMP cup it is. like, pimps and hos. it's a be-jeweled glass of sorts. c'mon old lady, catch up with the times!!!

    LJ--they had but only one. tragic, i know. obvs i would have gotten it for you.


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