Tuesday, March 1, 2011

no bangs

skirtL TJ Maxx, top: Banana Republic, belt: gap, tights: DKNY, booties: random store in AZ, bracelet: Juicy (gift from sissy MM)

no bangs today. they were pissin me off. last night i was allll alone. and downed two plates of nachos with a gallon of sour cream. it was delicious. i watched pretty little liars then took a shower. and got realllll scared. i totally thought A was going to come kill me in the shower. heebeejeebees. when i got out i accidentally turned on the bachelor and accidentally couldn't look away. oops. it's such a terrible show. and brad is such a phony. he's all "i could see myself with this girl, i really could. we've come a long way. we've had chemistry since day 1..." over and over and over. he's a douche. but as long as we're keeping track....i vote for emily. obvs. she's adorbs. or maybe i shouldn't vote for her because brad is such a douche---OMG AM I REALLY WASTING TIME THINKING ABOUT THE BACHELOR?!

when i got to work today i vurped coffee and yogurt and for a minute i srsly thought i caught the flu or something. and i stood over the garbage can waiting for the real throw up to come. but it didn't. and then i drank some water and i was totally fine. but it was odd. you know what i mean? just for a minute you think you've gotten really sick...then it quietly passes.

today we had a meeting. and i brought a notepad to look smart. and i wrote down a coupla things. but mostly i just doodly-dooed. i started a new book though, "the clan of the cave bear." my parents said it was popular a while back. so far it's a bit weird. like cavemen grunting, and lions chasing young naked children...and shit like that.

after i left for work JJ called me in a rage saying that Cleo had shat on the carpet. i mean, wow. like, Big News, JJ. thanks. our dog pooped on the carpet. for the first time ever. so i had to calm him down and tell him where i keep the nature's miracle spray and poop sponge...poor ol JJ. you know, she had a good dry run, though. i think she had a tummy ache this morning and couldn't make it outside. happens to the best of us, Cle.


"i have tiger blood."


  1. i LOVE the bachelor! i wish i had cable so i could have a finale party. you KNOW you would come!!

  2. I know who he picks. Hint: not Emily! Which is fine because she'll totally be the next Bachelorette.

    "I am on a drug, it's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body."

  3. Yeah he's a douche but it's so addictive!! And he's totally picking chantal. It's soo obvious. Emily is wayy too cute for him!


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