Sunday, March 27, 2011

one sad day

black skinny jeans: Forever21, gray tank: Wet Seal, fur collared jacket: Urban Outfitters, boots: MIA,  hat: JJ's

there's a lot going on in this picture. i'll address the hat first. my roots were a greasy embarrassing mess this morning. so i stole JJ's hat out of his closet. and just as i was ripping the tag off, he got all offended and said, "hey...that's MY hat. and i haven't even worn it yet. let me at least wear it out to the car." and i was all NO! THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS HAT IS TO COVER MY NASTY HAIRRRRRR. then he gave me a sad look. so i said FINE. so right after this picture i had to hand the hat over to the baby so he could wear it to the car. what-EVER. 

also, see Cleo in the left corner? she is wearing a raincoat hahahahaha it's so cute i could die. like every other piece of clothing, she hates it. but she looks so adorable in it. so i made her wear it for like 5 minutes.

do you see that black lace in the right corner? that would be my favorite ever in the world umbrella. it's hot pink with giant flowers and trimmed with that black lace. it's Betsey Johnson. before i start this story, i have to say that even though i love him, JJ is a giant ASSFAIL when it comes to patience. exhibit A: he can't even open a Netflix. like every single time he rips it up and i end up having to put the DVD into a separate envelope and pay postage. i mean it's unreal. he just cannot do it. exhibit B: when he makes dinner he can't wait until he's sitting at the table with me to eat. instead, he stands in the kitchen eating his meal right out of the pot. exhibit C: today, as he was rushing me out of my closet and out of the house, he grabbed the umbrella and yanked it up really fast. it made a scary noise. and i yelped, "NO! PLEASE TELL ME THAT MY FAVORITE EVER IN THE WORLD UMBRELLA IS NOT BROKEN" and he hung his head and made a sad face.

just please.


  1. I effing can't open the netflix either. Can he open a bag of chips or cereal without ripping it? Because I can't.

  2. Great blog, I just discovered it! I'm your new follower :) I like this outfit you're wearing! XOXO,

  3. mine eats straight out of the pan too L...!! and if he's not doing that he's hovering straight over my shoulder. so.annoying. I mean simmer down, you're not starving!

  4. i'm kind of obsessed with your hipster self in this photo.


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