Tuesday, March 8, 2011

poor poor L

pants: Ross, top: Ross, shoes: Urban, purse: Mulberry for Targ, sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

did you drink all day yesterday and drive home from Vegas last night too? no? just me? ok. we pulled into our complex at 1:35 a.m.  and PTFO as soon as our heads hit the pillows. and this morning i was very thankful for the drunk shopping excursion Rah and i had at Ross yesterday. because otherwise i think i would be wearing a bathing suit, pajama pants and a down vest to work today. i do in fact have dirty Vegas cigarette stale alcohol hair. you know what i mean? when you literally smell like the inside of a casino? there was just no time for a shower this morning. i also contracted a virus form Plou. i'm just a stuffed up mess with a crackly (kinda sexy) voice. could kill him though.

so where should i begin? Vegas was so much fun! it really wears a person out though.

i met up with the girls (Moon, The Black Dahlia, Juelz Santana and K Barth) the night we got there and we went out to dinner and had cocktails and laughs in their nice ass hotel room. then we ventured down to the bar for quick drinks.

the next day i napped for EVER. then JJ, Plou and i went to the pre-game social with all the Gonzaga alum. and i looked fudging crazy because i wore a tutu. everyone else was wearing their stupid Gonzaga t-shirts. i stuck out like a sore thumb. but it was OK because when i met up with the girls they weren't wearing their stupid t-shirts either. we ate and we drank and we saw tonz of people from college that we knew! it was so much fun. and i was srsly so flattered when one certain old friend told me that he and his law school buddies read my blog. *blush* then we went to the game--GO ZAGS! and won! that night Rah and i decided it would be a good idea to buy $30 suckers. dumb dumb dumb. and we went to Rhumbar to the private Gonzaga party. they wouldn't let us in because we weren't on the list! but Moon and Juelz thankfully snuck us in. they stealthily handed us their wristbands through the fence and we slipped right in! amazing! we danced the whole night away. it was great.

after the girls went home Rah and i became Those People who spent money on those obnoxious tall Vegas drinks. and we went to new york new york to ride the roller coaster. but it was closed. BRUTAL.  then our husbands ruined the fun and made us come home. yesterday morning Plou and i cracked open a fresh bottle of wine at 10 a.m. then we just kept ordering beers and walked around. JJ wanted pizza so we walked to THE BEST PIZZA JOINT EVER IN LIFEEEEEEE. like i'm literally drooling for it right now. and i don't even like pizza. after i was sufficiently saucy, i met up with Rah and that's when we went to Ross. and raided the clearance section. and those pants are literally the best. stretchy like sweatpants. I'M LITERALLY WEARING SWEAT PANTS RIGHT NOW!

then we rallied and went to the social again before the game. and then i fell asleep at the game. but woke up by half time and OMFG WE WON!!! WOOOOHOOO. so great. then. we. drove. home.

the. end.

and clearly The Hungover Housewife was literally too hungover to partake in her new weekly installation. apologies. she'll be back next sunday.

also, i'm obsessed with this picture: do you like my Ke$ha earrings?

from left: K Barth, Moon, The Black Dahlia, Juelz Santana, L

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  1. Sooo glad I'm not the only one that got talked into a $30 sucker - I mean c'mon - Kim K loves them!!!!


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