Monday, March 28, 2011

popcorn toots

black skinnies: Forever21, denim shirt: h&m, sweater vest: Rah's goodwill pile, belt: Gap, shoes: Urban

what are those stupid faces i'm making? really. and what are all those stains on the cement around my front door? grody. i was a hyper sniper last night. JJ went to go play hockey and of course i watched more episodes of SLOTAT (secret life of the american teenager). i'm so totally hooked. and it's great because there are like 100 seasons. when JJ got home i just wanted popcorn and to play. so i ate the popcorn and got popcorn toots. and i laughed every time i had a popcorn toot and tried to tickle JJ's armpits. he seemed to be annoyed. i was having a gas! literally.

this morning i had the worst cramps ever. and so i asked my coworkers if they had midol or tylenol (i left my mini medicine cabinet bag at home CURSEEEE) and no one had normal over-the-counter drugs. NO. THEY ALL HAD MUSCLE RELAXERS. i was like OMG I CAN'T HAVE A MUSCLE RELAXER I WILL DIE. so i passed. but the thing i don't get is why everyone just has muscle relaxers like they're skittles or something. 
i bought the best dress ever in life. to wear to Sam's wedding. it was meant to be. the only one. someone returned it. and it was just my size. definite need you guys. no, you say? shut up.

oh and that's my dog.


  1. it totally was a NEED! so cute!

  2. love the outfit. impressed you pulled that vest from rah's goodwill pile.

  3. wait -- really? that vest... my goodwill pile?????

    I tip my hat to you L.


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