Sunday, March 13, 2011

sparkle shoes

dress: Anna Sui for Targs, shoes: Toms

i hate Toms. i think they're uglier than sin. but my sister CA is obsessed with them. so she and M and MM bought me these gold sparkly ones for my birthday...and...well, i kind of like them. i guess they're OK since they sparkle. so comf.

this weekend was fabulous! Rah and Nebular came on friday and we let the wine flow! saturday morning we went out to breakfast and popped on over to disney (DUH). we ended in downtown disney at tortilla joe's for chile rellenos and margaritaaaaaas! and on the way home it was a dance party. and when we got back to the apartment Rah and Neb went through all their green samples. you see, they went to a product expo on friday and got lotsaaaaa wonderful green samples. while drinking beer we tested them out! including (but not limited to): pumpkin skin spritzer, dog treats (they were actually kind of good) and softcups. YES THAT'S REAL. i made a drunk promise to Rah that i'd try one.....and now i'm just not so sure. it's weird. like, REALLY WEIRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

today we ran errands and two bad things happened:

1. my phone doesn't work. i can only talk to people on speaker phone. so when JJ called me at the store today, everyone stared because our whole convo was loud and awk and embarr. and i went to the crowded apple store which smelled like a giant fart and oatmeal and waited my turn and THEY COULDN'T FIX IT. so JJ has to take it in tmrw to trade it for a new one. OMFG HOW WILL I EVER LAST ONE WHOLE DAY WITHOUT MY PHONE!?!? IT'S GOING TO BE SO HARD LIKE I'M LAURA INGALLS WILDER OR ABRAHAM LINCOLN OR SOME SHIT.

so don't try to call or text me bc JJ will probs try to pretend to be me and answer.

2. CP my old boss got me a silver Tiffany keyring with a cursive L engraved into it. it's shaped like a "u" and there are two little silver balls on each end. one little ball screws off so you can add keys. while JJ waited in the car with Cle, i popped into Ross to get a few little trinkets and found an "i heart my hubby" tee. i giggled and bought it. and skipped out to the car to show him. WELL JJ HAD MY KEYRING IN HIS POCKET AND WHEN HE PULLED THE KEYRING OUT TO START THE CAR, THE LITTLE BALL THAT SCREWS WAS GONE. and it felt like my heart fell out. because i'm srsly in love with that keyring. so i cried and yelled at him and stormed off and thought about returning the "i heart my hubby" tee. then he said "sorry L" and i felt bad for being such a drama queen. so i called Tiffany all huffy and upset and they said "it's ok, we sell the little balls for $15!" so i will get a new little ball soon. for now i'm using my alternate keychain that is a pirate skull, so i'm not complaining (that much).

but other than the two bad things, we had a fun day. and Cleo got a new dog food flavor today: Grammy's Pot Pie. LOL

OK g2g, time for popcorn and sisterwives (don't judge, i can't look away!!!)


  1. Oh that link! Your poor male readers....

  2. judyweigand@comcast.netMarch 13, 2011 at 11:15 PM

    What are SOFTCUPS? A new kind of bazzire?

  3. I LOVE that dress. I am so conflicted about Target reissuing the best of their Go International lines during my "no shopping for Lent" time. I guess it's a sign of true sacrifice! UGH. Just wait for Easter... I am going to make up for lost time!

    Also, I agree that Toms are usually horrible shoes, but that sparkle makes them a lot better.

    Once you have an iphone, life without it is hard to comprehend, right? Although the speakerphone issue would get old pretty fast...

  4. I totally wanted those toms for husky games...but found purple sparkly converse instead.

  5. think I'm gonna send you some backdrops so I don't have to figure out why that Alice in wonderland mini door is right there...seriously weird. They're gonna be real lame Sears portrait tulips and fluffy clouds.'d be so awesome and awful.


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