Sunday, March 27, 2011

sundays with the hungover housewife

there once was a housewife named L. she used to think cleaning was Hell.
to make her life fine, she added some wine,
and thus her torment was quelled.

see L fluff pillows.

see L pause to smile lovingly at married monogrammed pillow. L sure does love her husband!

 see L place pillows just right.

 see L fluff whilst balancing on one foot. what a talented gal!

see L fluffing and smiling demurely at her husband. L loves to multi-task!

 L sure worked hard! a teensy bit of wine is much deserved! 

"stolen kisses" night shirt: Forever21, shrug: Converse, sparkle Uggs

tune in next sunday for more adventures in domesticity with the Hungover Housewife! 

1 comment:

  1. OMG SHUT UP L...This TOTALLY makes my Sunday. does JJ just crack up during these photo sessions? I just bought a very french looking ostrich feather duster that would make a nice prop for this seductive series :)


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