Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's on L's Phone?

you should play too! via jessica

   JJ bought me an orchid for work. isn't it pretty?

love love love. the pictures on my desk.

 it had been "THAT" kind of day. an entire glass of wine filled to the brim was the only solution.

 sleepin Cle.

 the fat squirrel that lives in a tree right outside my door at work. he lets people get close to him. and you can see that he loves almonds.

me and Rah at WCC basketball game in Vegas. take 1

that's better.

me & JJ at the game

Plou making out with his popcorn.

Plou recording us and we didn't know it. watch me struggle to get the phone back. STRUGGLE

big, tall obnoxious Vegas drinks.

the $30 sucker i stupidly purchased. BUT OHEMGEEEE LOOK AT THE RHINESTONESSS

that's real. Rah holding butt enhancing undies. sold at Ross.

sorry it's sideways. but srsly. doesn't the chicken feet with jelly sound amazing?

from getclicky.com. these are the things people type in and in turn, get sent to my blog. LITTLE ASS BLONDE AMATEUR. really? REALLY?!?!?!?!


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