Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's on L's Phone?

 we got a REPORT CARD from Ruff House (Cleo's pet resort) about her behavior. she got stars and hearts and plays nice with all the other doggies. what a proud DMWNW (dog mom who needs wine) i am. but she likes people the most. he he he. she's so adorbs. i love her.

this was literally at 6:30 p.m. out cold for the night. with his work socks still on. laying selfishly horizontal.

my orchid in its second week. i mean could it be ANY MORE dead? 

all i want in life is to be this comfortable. 

space mountain with JJ, Rah & Nebular. boyz wore their sunglasses "to make it darker on the ride." douches.

Cleo loves houseguests. and she is especially obsessed with Rah. i called her name like 73 times and she would not come. she wanted to sleep with Rah. this picture makes it look like we gave our guests a piece of cardboard with a sheet to sleep on. but i SWEAR it's a cozy set-up. the air mattress fits just perfectly in that one spot. come visit me and see for yourself.

this is my Lisa Frank mermaid notepad. that i've had forevz. i love it. it stays in my car and has only really important notes in it like: i heart freddie prinze jr! also, i really really want a denim fin and a shell phone.

my temporary keychain until i get my Tiffany one fixed. i actually do like it a lot. gets me in a pirate-y mood every morning. what's a pirate's favorite place to eat?? ARRRRRRRGGHHHBY'S! 

i always see crunched up dead snails on the sidewalks in our apartment complex. like, do people have no hearts?!?! they just walk along stepping on snails for pleasure??? i mean i can see it being an accident every ONCE in a while, but srsly. c'mon. i passed right by this little guy as i was running to my car (late) this morning. i stopped in my tracks and turned around. first i took this nice picture of him. then i thought to myself "SELF, YOU CAN START YOUR DAY OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT BY DOING SOMETHING GOOD!!! so i made it my mission to get this little feller safely to the grass. so i grabbed him by the shell. but he was firmly stuck to the ground. so i tugged a little harder. and his shell just came off. and he writhed around lookin reallll pissed. and then he stopped moving. and then he died. so i put his shell on top of him so at least he wouldn't be naked. 

but SRSLY, i try to do ONE nice thing and i end up killing a snail. bargghhh!!!


  1. The couple in the front row in the Space Mountain pic-hilarious! Makes one wonder how many strngers' pictures she ends up in--and looking awkward to boot.

  2. after seeing that guest room set up you're running I'm definitely staying in Seattle. JKJKJKJK!!!! Hilarious though...I mean seriously they look like they're laying on plywood...hahahahaha!!! I'm so kidding- I just laughed alot.

  3. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    the snail!!! that is SO AWFUL, but didn't you know that would happen????

    Tragic, but LOL.

    Love that Bfly blouse. LOVE.


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