Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's on L's Phone?

you should play too! via Jessica

i realized i was breaking Lent after i had eaten that much. I HAD TO FINISH THE LAST BITE! so sorry, God. please forgive me.

finally got banana grams! and played with JJ last night. he hated it. OF COURSE. now i have no one to play with :(

Cleo hanging out in her own bed for once. 

Cleo's new raincoat LOL. she wouldn't face me when she had it on.

my party poodle shirt. it reminds me of Rah's dogs. they are both poodle mixes. so she calls them her "party poodles." now i have a party poodle of my own.

my sister MM sent me this pic of Chanel OUT COLD in the car. 

MY FAVIES! i made my way through the better part of this bag last night. why are reeses eggs SO MUCH BETTER than regular old reeses cups?? no one knows.

me and Juelz Santana on tower of terror. we are right there in the front. i'm squeezing her arm. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I GO ON THAT RIDE, I WILL ALWAYS BE SCARED.

new nail trend. pick two polishes from the same color family (one dark, one light) and paint the ring finger of each hand the darker color. paint the rest the lighter color. love it!

Cleo actually wearing her raincoat in the rain. she wouldn't actually walk while she was wearing it. so i had to pick her up. what a snob.

 my new fishy magnets at work :)


  1. HOOSHIE does the same thing when I put clothes on him! Hahahaha! He'll just hang his head down and not move until I take it off. And regarding your previous post...FUPA is one of my favorite words..I was SO happy you used it! Hahaha!

  2. So I went and got those Reeses eggs. TO DIE FOR! SO much better then regular ones!


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