Monday, April 4, 2011

a bagel promise is the worst kind to break

slacks: Theory, blouse: BCBG, belt: Gap, heels: Paolo

on friday night JJ and i went to the dodgers game. it was fun. except for when a kid two seats away from us took a line drive foul ball to the forehead. NOT COOL OMG. he's okay. just screamed a lot. the paramedics came and gave him ice.

it was a dodgers vs giants game. the night before, a man was beat in the parking lot for being a giants fan, soooooo JJ and i ran to our car quickly and alertly so that we wouldn't be the people who got beat by the giants fans as revenge.

on saturday  morning we left the house in a rush so JJ could drop me off and make it to the king's game on time. we left the house and he forgot his sunglasses so he had to run back. and then he had to stop at work to get something else he forgot. and i was tapping my watch and looking at him sternly. because he promised that i would get a jalepeno bagel with veggie cream cheese for breakfast. well sure enough we were LATE. LATE LATE LATE. and JJ turned to me to open his mouth and i said DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME THAT WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR A BAGEL. YOU PROMISED ME A BAGEL JJ. and he said, "we don't have time for a bagel." and i turned away from him in the car and folded my arms dramatically and gave him the silent treatment. after about 5 minutes i whine-shouted "BUT I'M HUNGRYYYY AND IT'S 11 AND I HAVEN'T EATEN ANYTHING TODAY" and he said to me, "you aren't hungry. the people in Japan are hungry." i said, "THE PEOPLE IN JAPAN ARE NO EXCUSE FOR BREAKING YOUR BAGEL PROMISE." and then he called me high maintenance and finally stopped at my favorite bagel place. and the line was 20 minutes long. but i stood there resolutely. and after i finished my bagel i was a wonderful, perfect delight.

anyway, that afternoon i romped around in Hollywood with JJ's mom. that night we had dinner at JJ's parents' house and we had pasta romaaaa and i got to hang out with my little neice Nat King Cole whom i love and we sat on the couch and took pictures of ourselves picking our noses. it was fun.

then sunday i went shopping with my friend Nel and then i got home and climbed into my pajamas and into bed because i had a headache. then i went to bed at 8.

also, the FAB FIVE IS COMING THIS WEEKEND! there is much to do in preparation. and here's a fun fact: it's going to be warmer in SPOKANE than it will be in RANCHO CUCAMONGROSS on friday. that is just so, so, SO annoying.

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  1. I'm sorry JJ. What can I say? But, NO, she didn't get everything she wanted when she was little-I promise. All my girls are a bit pissy when they're hungry!


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