Wednesday, April 27, 2011

black & brown & greasy

dress: Converse for Targ, sweater: JCP, boots: Steve Madden

that sweater i bought like 4 years ago. Rah has the same one (don't you Rah?? or have you let it go to Goodwill??) we both agreed that it was the perfect all-season sweater: you can wear it in ALL the seasons. it's great in the cold with jeans and a long-sleeved top and perfect for warmer weather because of the little breathable holes! 

my mom always taught me never to wear brown and black together (EEK!) OR navy and black. also we weren't allowed to wear sweat pants to school. so the color rules were ingrained in my brain for the LONGEST time. but now i embrace it. it's fun. and it breaks up an all-black outfit. PLUS you look fashion forward when you mix those dark neutrals. however, plz don't wear brown and black and navy ALL together. that might be a bit of an overkill. ahhh!

also, JJ had the night off last night! i had to go to target to get supplies for this weekend (i.e. a 30-bomb of coors light and a tub of cheeseballs) so i picked up three ingredients for dinner: tortillas, cheese and a can of enchilada sauce. as i was putting the finished creation into the oven, i remembered my FATAL MISTAKE: GASP! NO SOUR CREAM! so i sent JJ out in a flash to get some. one can absolutely NOT eat cheese enchiladas without sour cream. not. okay. when he got back, dinner was ready:
does that not look like the most delicious plate of enchis that you've EVER seen in your LIFE?! i'm salivating just looking at them. and we both had them for lunch today! so great!

today i took a quick break from working to put on my lip balm. only when i rubbed my lips together it felt a little weird. it felt so greasy and awkward. i looked down:

i used sortkwik on my lips. SORTKWIK. it's that shit you put on your fingers to sort papers kwiker. (doesn't the harsh misspelling of "quick" make you embarrassed to be an American? i HATEEE that. like, it's not cute to misspell things you fools). anyway, so after i realized i used that stuff on my lips, i went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. and it looked like i made out with a tub of freshly fried tator tots. my whole mouth was a giant greaseball. nice, L. sometimes i can be such a doofus.


  1. to this day i refuse to watch pursuit of happyness because the title is misspelled...and i have stopped following many a blogger due to spelling/grammar mistakes. unforgivable. LOVE BLACK & BROWN TOGETHER BTW! and i also never wore sweatpants to school, which i think is why i turned into such a classy lady (coughnoididn'tcough).

  2. the black & brown combo is also a fav of mine! yay!

  3. LacieBeth! You are wrong-I love black and brown clothes together! The no-no's were:pink with red and black with navy. Also, not to wear a black belt with brown shoes (or vice versa)

  4. oh MOM! i couldn't even remember the rules right! so sorry. hahah loveya

  5. So proud of you and all your cooking!!


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