Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bratz doll

 black corduroy pants: Jessica Simpson, top: Old Navy, shoes: gift from sister-in-law/Jessica Simpson

LOL at that second shot. i look handsome, no? you get cell phone pics of me all curled up where i kind of look like a bratz today. because i was in a foul mood during outfit pics this morning. and apparently foul mood=triple chins. i was in a foul mood because i was sleeping last night when JJ stormed into the apartment and rushed to turn on the TV. to watch the Kings game. a game in which the Kings were losing. so JJ was SCREAMING at the television. and i wanted to punch him. instead i woke up on the wrong side of the bed. and to prove my point said, "I DON'T WANT COFFEE THAT YOU MADE THIS MORNING" which, in hindsight, was a stupid mistake. because i don't know how to work the damn coffee machine. so i didn't get any coffee this morning. and during outfit pictures i just couldn't be in a good mood. 

but then today at lunch my coworkers and i went to shogun. and it was delish. and i told JJ that i was truly very sorry that the Kings lost. and then i was in quite a wonderful mood. i love these shoes. my sister-in-law S gave bought them for me. they are like old man house slippers. i love them. tonight i'm going to put big fat pink ribbon in the laces so they are conflicted. like they can't decide if they are women's shoes or men's shoes.

so i "adopted" a Quakes player with Nel. which means we have to make him a scrapbook at the end of the year and make him little goodie baskets full of snacks and things every time he goes on the road. all the other "adoptive moms" are crazy old booster club ladies. we thought it might be a bit funny if we put condoms, booze and playboys in his goodie basket. and also we wanted to get t-shirts that said #27's MILF. but we aren't allowed. so i ran around creating this fudging basket yesterday. and like, i don't know what to get him! i don't even know him! so i just got: gatorade and water and bread and peanut butter and jelly and easter cakes and easter candy and fruit cups and gum. and also a pair of socks (??) isn't that the most random selection of items? but srsly, what do you buy a 24-year-old baseball player? (yeah, that's another weird thing. he's MY age. i'm totes not old enough to be his "mother"). i also wrote him a note and attached it to his goodie basket that says "JM- good luck. hope to meet you soon, after a game. have fun on the road. love, L & Nel" THAT IS THE MOST AWKWARD NOTE I'VE EVER WRITTEN IN LIFE. and that was like, the third draft. the first ones were even stiffer and stupider. he's going to think we're total lunatics. which, i suppose, wouldn't be too far off...

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  1. haha! next time you should get him a coloring book and crayons to entertain him on his trip. or a mix cd.

    also, i totally have grumpy days like your david will ask if i want food in the store and i'll say, "NO i'll just go HUNGRY." and then my mood gets worse and worse.


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