Tuesday, April 12, 2011

d&g light blue

black skinnies: forever21, blouse: forever21, cardigan: Target, necklace: Nordstrom Rack, flats: Tory Burch

those shoes have a story. i love them. i used one of our wedding gift cards to Neiman Marcus to buy them. isn't that the most selfish thing you've ever heard?? but i really wanted them. and they were on sale. so thanks to whoever got "us" the Neiman Marcus giftcard. i was going to buy us the dishes that were on our registry, but these yellow beauties caught my eye instead.

and don't go thinking i'm a completely useless wife. i felt bad. so i used one of the Macy's giftcards to buy JJ some D&G cologne. which he promptly dropped in the sink the moment he opened it for the first time. it shattered everywhere. and the whole house stank like light blue. and you KNOW when you spill any kind of perfume/cologne, you literally never want to smell it again. like it smells worse than a poop/vomit combo to you because you are SO SICK of the smell. (this happened to me in college with Juicy) anyway, he was very upset. akin to a fat 10-year-old whose ice cream falls off the cone during the first bite. i kindly said, "maybe there is another scent you want? since, you know, our entire HOME SMELLS LIKE D&G LIGHT BLUE?!?!?!" but no. he wanted another bottle of the same shit. gah! and now when he hugs me before going to work i dry heave just a little bit when i smell his cologne. bulghhhhh

barbecued parmesan salmon with barbecued artichokes for dinner. don't worry, i have a back-up supply of cheese sandie ingredients in case i fudge it up horribly. wish me luck bloggie darlings!


  1. great outfit :)

    your newest follower

  2. Like kiki said, tell us what happen next.


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