Monday, April 11, 2011

farewell fab5

 skirt: forever21, blouse: was mine when i was 14, then i gave it to my sister MM, then dug it out of MM's goodwill pile haahah, cardigan: Frenchi, belt: Gap, heels: Paolo

fact: LJ took my outfit pic this morning. she always takes pictures crooked. she thinks they look better that way. little weirdo!

my friends are gone. and all they've left me with is a broken heart and empty alcohol bottles (and also a 32-oz tub of artichoke jalepeno dip....what can i say? it was a hit)

i was going to do a special edition of The Hungover Housewife when the Fab5 was here this weekend, but we were TOO BUSY drinking and laughing and shopping and talking. it was wonderful. we wined, we dined, we went to the Pasadena flea market in the Rose Bowl. we went to a puppy store, we sat on the balcony and let the sun soak us for a wee bit yesterday. we finished off the tub of cheeseballs. we took cleo for walks, we went to the park, we seriously did A LOT. it was a busy and lazy weekend all in one.

KKiss and Sam left yesterday so KitKit, LJ and i ordered takeout mexican (as if we didn't eat enough shit all weekend anyway) and watched Khloe & Lamar and Sisterwives.

this morning it was hard to go to work...because i had to leave this:

Cleo, KitKat and LJ loungin' tough.

i wanted to sit and hang out with them all day. and go to the pool. and eat. but INSTEAD, i had to go to work. and now they're gone. gone. gone. gone.

and i never do well when my houseguests leave. i mean, i'm glad to get back to regular ol' life with JJ and Cle, but i just hate it when i'm having so much fun with friends or family and then it gets cut off so abruptly. JJ said even Cleo cried when he dropped the girls off at the airport. wahhh.

also, my friends have inspired me.




i know, i know, you don't believe me. but i want to start. instead of eating animal cookies and pickles for dinner, i think i will start cooking actual, real, healthy meals. in fact, i already have this week's menu planned. and i'm going to the grocery store tonight to get the ingredients. i know that i have a whole bunch of people who will smile proudly at me for this new life change. i'm turning over a new leaf. i'm starting a healthy lifestyle that will impress everyone!

oooorrrrrrrrr.....i could hate it miserably and fail after one day and go back to my old ways. i'll let ya know.

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  1. looks like katie cleaned and jeremy made coffee. jeally :( i'm proud of you for cooking :) you're the best host ever! thanks for a fun weekend!


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