Friday, April 15, 2011

floating dollars

black jeans: Union, top: Converse, shoes: Vera Wang for Kohl's

casual friday! plus i had to wake up at 6. so i didn't give a flying fudge what i wore today. and check out that crack whore hair. OMG L, GET IT TOGETHER.

Dr. Nice Gentle Man fixed my tooth! he was so nice. and his assistant was a fat, chatty woman who was very cheerful and lovely. and he told me Dr. Asshole didn't do a very good job on the filling. he said there was a piece of decay that wasn't taken out and that it wasn't smoothed out very nicely, so it was rubbing and that's why it was hurting. my appt was at 7 a.m. and he fixed it and i was at work by 8:36. it hurts now, but hopefully it feels better soon. it's an angry tooth, that one.

ok enough about my effing tooth. CRIMANY. you guys have had to listen to it all. i'm like a geriatric talking about my pills, or trying to shove 4,000 vacation photos in your face. so annoying. 
so last night was the first Quakes game! great! was so fun. (they won) had some beers and had some laughs. and Nel had to buy my beer because it's cash only and i couldn't find my dollars. you see, i always just keep dollars loose hanging around in my purse. and i absolutely could not find them last night. WELL I FOUND THEM THIS MORNING. in my purse (that now has an entire bag of sunflower seeds floating around in it). i found my dollars coated in sunflower seed powder and wrapped around a panty liner. c'mon. i also found chocolate melted and crusted to the bottom. i'm so appalling.

anyway, at the game when JJ came to say hi to me he was all sweaty. i was like WHATTTT IS GOING ON HERE?! and he was like "i don't have a golf cart out in the parking lot yet, so i just run around." LOLOL. poor guy. and he went to work at 8:30 and didn't get home until midnight. and he has to do it all over again today. and tomorrow. and sunday. and monday. and tuesday and wednesday. THAT'S REAL. i'm going to be lonely bones this summer. maybe i should get a new hobby. like basket weaving. or baton twirling. maybe tennis? or eating. i kind of wish i could win a hotdog eating contest. except i hate hotdogs. i just like the bun and the mustard and the relish.

OMG speaking of food, i made THIS (Sand's recipe) on wednesday and it was a huge hit! i added extra cheese of course and i used shells instead of penne. i cannot STAND penne. barffff.

anyway, it was SO GOOD. and SO EASY! and i ate it for lunch yesterday. and was going to do the same today but my coworker went to in n out so i was like GET ME SOME A THAT. broke Lent again. SHOOT. i keep forgetting. bad, bad L.

and last night i made a veggie soup with cous cous and i think it tasted pretty good! i'm going to have Doo try it out tonight after work before we go to the game.

so that's 2 good meals this week. not bad. 

happy friday fools.

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  1. First of all, yes, it's the super cheap jeans at Forever 21... but mine were $10.50, so there must be a Chicago markup. They're cute, though!

    Second, if you're a lonely housewife in July, you should come hang out with me and Joe for a day or two at Sarah & Sanjin's. I think we're taking it over for a bit while they're in Europe!

    Lastly, Way to be with this cooking business! Let me know if you want any recipe ideas. I have lots of vegetarian ones on my old blog.

    Happy weekend!


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