Monday, April 18, 2011

giant houndstooth

pants: forever21, tee: Go International

what up Bs?

i love this soft giant houndstooth tee

it is a cold, wet rainy day. even party flamingo is looking down. and yesterday was like 85. whaaaat is with this bipolar weather?! OMG I THINK IT'S GLOBAL WARMINGGGGGGGG

omggggggggggggg i'm sooooo sick of JJ's work schedule already. i hardly saw him this weekend. HARDLY!!! it was so so so sad. but he gets off at 6 tonight so we are having a rare date night. ooh la la!

friday was fun--went to the game with Doo and Nel. and found the stand where they sell bud light LIME. because the lime makes everything in life better. after the game we went to a bar in The Vic. twas a fun-filled eve. also, i was recognized by some elderly women working at the Quakes games. they knew me from my Guideposts article! isn't that swell? i felt very famous. (BTW, have i clarified JJ's job? he works for a minor league baseball team. the Rancho Cucamong(gross)a Quakes ((like earth quakes...get it? they play in the "epicenter stadium" har har har)) they are a Dodger feeder team, which means they all have the potential to play for the Dodgers someday. he works in ticket sales and also runs the parking lot. it's tres cool that i get to go up to the kid working the VIP parking lot and say "i'm JJ Hansen's wife" and get let in. like the mother-fudging princess i am. anyway, that's what he does. he doesn't play baseball. he works for the baseball team.)

saturday i went to the ghetto. well actually JJ wouldn't let me drive to the ghetto. i had to meet his mom in a fancy area and then we drove together to the ghetto. because his sister was catering an event there and wanted me to take pictures of her food. i ate 3 of these:


caprese salad sandwiches. OMG. delish. nice work C! after i got home i sat and watched five straight episodes of SLOTAT and went to bed. ps amy is SO annoying. she bugs me. actually all of the characters bug me. because it's the worst acting EVER. actually i do like grace. she's cute. 

sunday i took Cleo for a nice long morning walk, did some laundry and took a shower. then i wiggled into a romper and sandals and fedora and went to yet another baseball game (GO QUAKES) and i left EARLY TO MEET UP WITH MY BLOGGIE-NOW-REAL-LIFE-FRIEND: Brandilyn

who is sweet and adorable and skinny and perfect. and she owns her own clothing boutique. she's married to the love of her life and she's graduating from college this year. and she's 22. how perf is her life?? (side note: i discovered cellulite just recently on the backs of my thighs and have now officially decided my life is over. i hate aging. i HATE it. the only thing that makes me feel better is googling pictures of celebrities with cellulite. maybe i should buy a treadmill?? nah...) ANYWAY, i mean wasn't 22 the best year of YOUR life? it was for me. she was so charming. and we talked for an hour straight and sucked down two giant beer mugs full of diet coke and both agreed we needed WAYYY more time to hang out. i heart her. she was the smart one who brought her camera, so she has pictures from our little get together. i'll steal them from her when she posts them.

and THEN last night JJ got home early (6:30 p.m.) and we laid in bed and talked for two hours to catch up. i dislike having to "catch up" with my husband. not cool. it's going to be a long season.

ps my coworker discovered a book called "midnight sun" available online. stephanie myer (of twilight DUH) wrote the first book from EDWARD'S POINT OF VIEW OMG--except it leaked on the internet. so she kinda got pissed off and didn't finish it. so far today i have read 160 pages. now i want to go back and read the whole series again. WOO HOO! TEAM EDWARD


  1. Just wait... Amy does a 180 in the current season - don't know what happened, but now Grace is the annoying one - hmm. They all are pretty terrible at acting esp Ricky and Ashley. Enjoy - we've since moved on to Glee.

  2. hey girlfriend. there is a little blog award waiting for you over @


  3. You're so lovely. Adore that shirt...a lot.


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