Thursday, April 7, 2011

kitkat & lj thursday!

LOL! i look scary. KKiss is like an angry hibernating bear if you try to wake her up when she's sleeping. note Cleo on her bed. Cleo ditches us when she has the option of hanging out with someone new. sleep with KKiss all night. 

skirt: Urban/gift from Moon, tee: Abercrombie, vest: Target, boots: MIA

i'm a litttttle sluggish this morning....KKiss and i had a bottle of wine a few beers and a TON of cheeseballs last night. i'm so happy she's here! i love when people come to stay with me. LOVE. i'm a bit hungover and a lot annoyed because she's at my apartment and i can't hang out with her right nowwwww boo. she slept in until 11, took Cleo for a walk, is now going to lunch with JJ. NO FAIRRRR i'm too far away to go to lunch with them. wah. pity party for L. 

this is my favorite t-shirt. it makes me laugh. and it's Gryffindor colors. in fact, i might wear it to the premier of Harry Potter 7 part 2. 

KitKat and LJ come tonight! yeeeee! i told JJ "you don't have to pick them up from the airport, i'll pick them up!" and he said, "no L, you'll probably be three margaritas in, I'LL drive you to pick them up." what a top notch husband he is. 

of course it's raining right now. total bullshut (that's what my iphone does. it makes "shit" into "shut" and it's so annoying. it ruins the effect. e.g. "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HE DID THAT! WHAT A SHUTHEAD!" 

alright, gotta go! i'm having lunch with my coworker. 

i'm going to have Thai food for lunch, Mexican food for dinner and Diarrhea for dessert.


  1. kkiss looks like she's crying and i can smell her breath from here!



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