Wednesday, April 6, 2011

kkiss wednesday!

romper: i heart ronson @ JCP, tee: eight-sixty, tights: stolen from mother-in-law, socks: Nordstrom, boots: BCBG

today is the day that KKiss comes to meeee! she is on the plane as i type this! JJ is going to pick her up and take her to my apartment, where she will find fresh linens, plenty of food and an excited dog. i can't wait to race home from work and give her a hug and drink 8 bottles of wine with her. last night i deep cleaned my ass off in preparation for the Fab5's arrival into the Cucamongross, and i'm just sooooooo EXCITED!

this morning JJ called my frantically asking if i had seen his garage door opener. he couldn't get to the car if he didn't have the opener. or his bike. so he would have had to walk to work. so sad. i knew i had seen it when cleaning last night--but i just couldn't remember! i gave him a few suggestions. he sent me a text 15 minutes later saying: "found opener in basket with bananagrams and TV remote" oopsies. my badddddddd.

i'm eating these giant size lifesavers gummies and they are so soooo good. i want 200. but there are only 3 left.

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  1. Sounds exciting! You look fabulous! XOXO,


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