Monday, April 25, 2011

macaroni & popcorn

pants: Easter gift from Rah!, tank: Macy's, vest: TJ Maxx, shoes: madden girl, watch: Juicy Couture

BACK TO WORK MONDAY. weekends are so short aren't they?? i'm so grateful for weekends since i used to have to work every saturday and sunday. in fact, this is the first Easter in three years when i haven't had to work. on the drive back home last night i was laughing at the fact that we ate TACO BELL for dinner last year. then 2 hours later we actually stopped at TACO BELL for dinner....

last night we unpacked and cleaned and went to bed. and this morning we are at it again! JJ has a 4-game home stand starting tonight, so i shall be a lonely bone all week. macaroni and popcorn on the dinner menu. 

and STAGECOACH this weekend! in indio. we are sharing a big house for the weekend with JJ's coworkers and their spouses! so fun. drinking and country music and eating and sunbathing. sounds. AWESOME. cannot wait. even more thrilling is going to be planning my outfits. teehee! my really sweet coworker has offered to babysit Cleo while we are out of town. so Cle and my coworker's wiener dog will have an absolute blast romping around all weekend together.

also, i learned how to do DIY CHEETAH NAILS! from Gem check it out:

pretty sweet, eh?? you should totally try--SO EASY!


  1. In the picture, it looks like you're having to hold yourself up on those stilts (skiiiiiny long legs) and high heels! haha

  2. You look soooo tall! Have you grown since you moved to Cucamungross?

  3. your sunny morning pictures make me SO JEALOUS! what I'd give for a warm day ;) Think it's time for a visit.


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