Tuesday, April 26, 2011

not angela

skirt: Trouvé, blouse: Mac & Jac, shoes: Nine West

you'll never guess where i spent my lunch break. the dentist. I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO DISCUSS IT. 

but here's what i WILL discuss: my perverse desire to just put a vacation to the Bahamas on my credit card. hello kitty would be pissed. as would my husband. 

you guys i forgot to tell you a story. remember how i snuck Cleo into mass on Easter sunday?? well that's not the only exciting thing to happen at mass. JJ's sister C has a burn on her arm (she's a chef) and she accidentally scraped it on something and it re-opened and started bleeding everywhere. and she was wearing a white shirt. so i reached into my purse to grab a wet wipe. only Cleo was also in there. so i had to dig around her little ass and feel for the wet wipe. i hastily felt one or two and pulled my hand out rapidly to hand said wipe to her. except it wasn't just a wet wipe. it was also three panty liners. WHAT IS MY DEAL WITH THE PANTY LINERS LATELY?? srsly. and in CHURCH?!! c'mon L. the poor guy in front of me bent down to pick up my panty liners and handed them to me all red-faced and embarrassed. i'm such an ass.

also very ass-like: this weekend JJ was texting his brother R because he wasn't able to come to Arizona for Easter. R has a new girlfriend. whom everyone has met except me. i grabbed JJ's phone from him and said "HEY R! IT'S L! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YA FOR MOTHER'S DAY YEEEE! AND TO MEET ANGELA! :)" and JJ shouted "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO L!" and snatched the phone from me before i sent it because guess what? her name isn't Angela. no, it's not. when will i grow a brain?

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