Friday, April 1, 2011

an ode to my Daddy

dress: Tracy Feith for Target, sweater: Urban Outfitters, cowboy boots: Miz Mooz

did i tell you the story of these cowboy boots? well, my Dad bought them for me. i begged him for them. i really really really really REALLY wanted them. and i promised him that i would wear them ALL THE TIME...and i do--especially in the summer! (these are the cowboy boots that i accidentally left out in the rain the first day i got them like an idiot). anyway, the story of how i got them is similar to an old tale that i now will tell:

when i was 7 my Dad and i ran an errand for my mom at Costco. it was springtime, so Costco had all sorts of wonderful big baskets full of goodies and treats. well, a particular basket caught my eye. it was giant. there was a fluffy white bunny stuffed animal in the middle and was surrounded by all sorts of delicious candy (most specifically i remember the you remember Zours?) so obviously i stopped and stared wide-eyed at that Perfect Basket and said, "Daddy, i gotta have that. can i please please pleaaaaaase have that?" and he said no. and tried to rush me along. of course then came the brat waterworks. "but Daddy i HAVE to have that bunny, i just love him." and my Dad said, "L, no. all you want is the candy. come on, we are running late." but i just kept being a sad baby. so he got frustrated and said "FINE." and he grabbed the 1,000-pound basket and we walked to the checkout. i was elated. i sat with the basket in my lap the whole ride home--smiling and snuggling with my new bunny. i said, "I PROMISE I WILL SLEEP WITH HIM EVERY NIGHT!" and my Dad just rolled his eyes.

well Bunny is still around. his little pink once-velvet nose has rubbed off into plastic, and his whiskers have been mutilated (i liked to chew his whiskers before i fell asleep). i indeed slept with Bunny every night. showing my Dad that i was true to my word. and now he is under my bed. every once in a while i'll take him out and give him a hug. (The Velveteen Rabbit really deeply affected me. i think my brain truly believes that stuffed animals are real). i love Bunny. i will forever. he is special.

so thanks Daddy. for my Bunny. and for my cowboy boots. and for all of the quadrillion things you've given me (including my chicken legs, my love for Disney, dashing good looks and charming demeanor).

also, my boss just caught me talking to a squirrel. ldskflksjadfjkldafs


  1. What a great story, thanks for sharing! And I love your outfit! XOXO,!

  2. crazy squirrel lady. hehehe. you left these boots out in the rain, but they totally distressed them perfectly. okay, its 3am and i need a cheese sandie. is that horribly fat?

  3. ohh bunny. bun bun is resting peacefully on my childhood bed at home.


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