Thursday, April 14, 2011

peace out Dr. Asshole

skirt: $1.97 rack at JCP, tee: Target, belt: BCBG, boots: Steve Madden

the new dentist canceled on me today. he's sick. which is exactly the same lie i told my old dentist because i don't ever want to go back there ever again.

i called the old dentist yesterday afternoon to say that i would please like to pick up my x-rays. the receptionist answered. then she said, "hold one moment please" and pulled the worst trick because the next thing i know i'm talking to Dr. Asshole Himself. and he's all "I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU'RE SO DISSATISFIED. AND I FELT EXTREMELY RUSHED TODAY DURING YOUR APPOINTMENT, DID YOU HAVE SOMEWHERE TO BE?" and i was all "YEAH. WORK." and i told him i wanted a second opinion. and he said that he was going to fix it. today at 4. so i called the voicemail this morning and said "i'm not feeling well, i won't be able to make it to my appointment today, goodbye."

and i had my appointment at the new dentist today at lunch. well HIS receptionist called me this morning to say that the new dentist is sick. so i have an appointment at 7 a.m. tomorrow. yikes. i that karma? i guess, but really it SHOULD be karma coming to old Dr. Asshole. i would just brush it off and say PEACE OUT DR. ASSHOLE but i can't. do you know why? because i have to stare at his big dumb face at all JJ's baseball games now? yep, his ad is right in center field. just please. (this billboard is not to be confused with his real face. because i have to risk seeing his REAL FACE at every game too kjhafjkasdkjfjklfads).

i mean...........all i wanted was my rotten tooth fixed. is that so much to ask? i don't like to be a complainer to people who are trying to help me. BUT this is NOT ok. they messed up my tooooooth. wah.

speaking of the JJ's baseball games, the first one is tonight! i'm going! and it's $2 beer night. that is something to smile about. i'm going to sit next to the other wives, drink beer, eat sunflower seeds and get a suntan. jealous?


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