Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the perfect bed

skirt: GO international @ Targs, tank: i heart ronson @ JCP, sweater: Old Navy, heels: Nine West

remember how i was a flamingo the other day? WELL I GOT MYSELF A REAL PARTY FLAMINGO in the dollar aisle at target. he's so fun. i like him. this skirt is not stretchy. i couldn't even lift my leg to flush the toilet. i had to use my hand. ew.

OK so i have a story to tell. Rah (BTW IT'S HER BIRTHDAY TODAY! still no word from about her package. she's going to be illegal and drop a note in the mailbox so hopefully THE POST OFFICE CAN FIGURE IT'S SHIT OUTTTT) had this wonderful vision that she made into a reality. she told me of this beautiful, wonderful idea. and i became a woman obsessed.

a gray duvet with coral sheets .

simple. beautiful. effortless. summery.

Rah of course already had a gray duvet and picked up some coral sheets at her local TJ Maxx. i on the other hand, had to work. AND AM STILL WORKING to get this gray and coral perfection. i'll start with the sheets. i went to TJ. i went to Ross. i went to Marshalls. i went to Macy's. i. went. EVERYWHERE. and finally found coral sheets at the company store online. i also saw that they had monogramming available. awesome! done. ordered. 

then was the purchase of something that i have been pining after for over a year. the GORGEOUS but ridiculously overpriced ruffle duvet from urban outfitters. so, i did it. i bought it. and i was SO thrilled that i finally took the plunge. when it came, i popped it into the wash and eagerly awaited it's fluffy, wonderful exit from the dryer. and when it came out, i noticed that the coloring was a bit funny.

then that night i REALLY noticed the color. it was green. GREEN. ew. like, i hate green. and it's supposed to be grayyyyyyyyyyy COME ONNNNNNNNNNNN. after reading through the online reviews and doing some home testing, JJ and i realized that in natural light, the duvet looked its gray and proper color...but in artificial lighting, my beautiful ruffled perfection looked GREEN. see below for evidence:

 artificial light = green 

natural light = gray

see what i mean!?!? so sadly, i returned it. and was again on the quest for a gray duvet. WHICH I FOUND. at west elm. it's gorgeous and light and wonderful. and quality. and not green. it's legit gray.

i washed my brand new duvet last night and saw that today my coral sheets were delivered. i skipped to the mailbox with Cle and i skipped back to the apartment and exitedly tore open my package. 


those. are. NOT. the. right. initials. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE JHL. C'MONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN LIFE! THROW ME A BONEEEEE!!! so i immediately called the company store to complain and spoke with the rudest woman ever in life who told me it was my fault. and i said NO IT'S NOT. i was all "it's supposed to say JHL NOT JLH. I WOULD NOT HAVE PUT JLH. POTTERY BARN WOULD NOT HAVE LET THIS HAPPEN!" and the mean woman just kept saying that it was my fault. because i didn't call to clarify. so i told her that the company store had lost my business forever.

then i called my mom to vent.

then i called the company store back. and talked to Nice Pat. who is going to send me a "special case exchange packet" that i will fill out and send back to get the RIGHT MONOGRAMS on my pillowcase. which will probs take like 5 months. because that's my luck.

but can you believe that i've put myself through this!?!?! all to have the perfect bed!?!?!? crimany.

okay i gotta go now and drink a bottle of wine while i edit KKiss' 25-page grad school paper.


  1. you should have just dyed the perfect one from UO grey! dyeing fabric is soooo easy and every time i've done/seen it the color looks good. and i don't see anything wrong with the monogram...you're in charge, right? DONE. i'm such a problem solver today.

  2. Agreed, Brandilyn, RIT is where it's at L.

  3. I was totally thinking of the duvets at West Elm...so glad you discovered them!

  4. DUH, POTTERY BARN! http://www.themonogrammerchant.com/content.php?content_id=1008


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