Friday, April 29, 2011

royally fun!

dress: Converse for Target, belt: Gap, heels/headband: Ross

were you all up early this morning to watch the royal wedding?? i totally was! as you can see from the picture below! tee hee. and i dressed totally british today, it was fun! i went to vietnamese food for lunch and the waiter said "were you at wedding today?" hahaha ok now, down to the details...

the dress. OH, the dress. what did you think? here's my two cents: i thought it was boring and safe. i mean, it was beautiful, EVERYTHING from house of alexander mcqueen is beautiful--DUH. but it looked exactly like Grace Kelly's dress. only Grace Kelly looked better. i expected something more dramatic and fashion forward. tsk tsk Kate. i was disappointed. boo.

well HOW ABOUT PIPPA?!?! ANYONE?!?! holy SHIT she looked hotttt! i think she outshined the bride in that GORGEOUS gown that clung to her body beautifully. she's totally hooking up with harry tonight. OMG HOW ADORABLE IS HARRY?!

posh and becks were gorg. as usual. 

and HOW ABOUT THAT HAT behind the queen?!?! LOLOLOL it was a pink monstrosity!

it was so fun to drink mimosas and wear my fun headband and annoy JJ with my squeals of delight.

ON TO STAGECOACH TONIGHT!  have a great weekend, my loves.



  1. The more I see the dress, the more I like it.....

  2. did you see the reception dress?

  3. Google "Is that an Octopus on Your Head?" for LOL re the hats worn by Fergie's daughters -- the true dumpy-frumpies of the world. I think Fergie dressed them in revenge for not being invited! And I thought THE DRESS was stunning! She is now a princess, not a pop star. You would have voted for the Lady Gaga look!

  4. Loved her dress! But how about the bouquet?! Indigenous english flowers = weeds.


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