Thursday, April 28, 2011

wal-mart & ebay

dress: Target, tee: eight-sixty, boots: BCBG

i have two confessions:

1. i went to wal-mart last night. (CRINGE!!) but they had the cheapest camping chairs for this weekend. i got one blue one and one pink one! how cute. i also got a can of my fave suave dry shampoo. target shoppers have caught on to the secret of its magic. so they're always sold out. but obviously people of wal-mart  do not have a need for dry shampoo--they let the grease show loud and proud. so their shelf was bountiful with dry shampoos! SCORE! 

2. rmbr when i said i would never shop on ebay again? after freshman year in college when i ordered a "juicy" purse? and it came 4 months after i ordered it. and it was so fake. i went to complain to ebay and the seller was deleted. gone. vanished and banned from ebay. and i never got my money back. stupid, stupid purse. well i just broke my one cardinal rule of DO NOT EVER SHOP AT EBAY EVER AGAIN. and i'll tell you why. the other night i was at Sephora (on monday i went shopping with my friend/co-worker Bex...she is graduating from CGU this year and she wanted me to help her pick out an outfit for the big day! she also got a makeover at Sephora. totally fun and indulgent girl's night). ANYWAY, at Sephora i saw this girl. and she was wearing the. cutest. shorts. ever. in. life. and when i said "OHMYGAWDDDD WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE ADORABLE SHORTS?!?!?!" she said "they're frankie b. last season!" OF COURSE. explains why they are to-die-for. and OF COURSE they are last season. here they are:

MUST HAVES right? so i went online to hunt down these shorts. and they're sold out. everywhere. EVERYWHERE. like no one has them anymore. EXCEPT for ebay. but i neeed them. plus all my shorts are from abercrombie and hollister. isn't it time i got a pair of grown-up shorts?? YES. but these to die for shorts were listed as $99 on ebay. and not up for bidding. so i contacted the seller. see our message chain:

Dear authentic_shop2000
hi...i love these shorts. they are so cute! but they are from last there any way i could get them for any cheaper? just thought i would ask. thanks so much!

note: completely normal question right? and i asked so nicely. see authenic_asshole2000's response:

Dear lghansen00,

These are from the current 2011 Summer season, I have no idea where you get the last season information from.

The price is firm.
 little rude, right? i mean COME ON. i just asked. calm down. so i matched the rudeness with a little sauciness of my own:
Dear authentic_shop2000,

fair enough.

they had a pair very similar last season. sorry for the assumption.

perfect response, nice L. And here's where i think she realized that she was kind of being a little rude.

Dear lghansen00,


No, Frankie B makes many shorts each year, many in similar styles.

Let me know if you have any other questions,


like she's the effing frankie b expert or something...but, alas. i had to succumb. it's a summer treat to myself. a pair of NICE ADULT SHORTS.

 Dear authentic_shop2000,

well i decided to buy them. too cute to pass up. thanks.
- lghansen00 

and now she's forced to be nice to me since i'm now a buying customer. and the customer is always right. 

 Dear lghansen00

Thanks for your purchase, I will process the shipment for you. I will send you tracking number via paypal email shortly.

- authentic_shop2000  


 but seriously. she was kinda rude, yeah? so i pulled the trigger. i bought expensive shorts. don't tell JJ. i will let him assume they are from Ross. kthnx. with my luck i will probably get a box of catshit and this seller will magically disappear from ebay and i'll never get my money back. GAH! the things i deal with.

Thirsty Thursday at Quakes Stadium tonight! 


  1. Very very cute--but what makes them "grown up shorts"?

  2. I love ebay, my latest love is mjrsales though. I just wanted to say holy crap, you look incredible today! :)


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