Tuesday, April 19, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

What's on L's phone?!
you should play too! via Jessica

i gave Cleo a haircut. her ears are a liiiiiiittle too short. whoops! also, note her stance. she is the perfect ballerina, standing in first position. 

the temp on my way home from the ghetto on saturday. hotttttttt. i burned my legs on my leather seats. 

best thing ever in life: grilled cheese with everything from in n out

me & Nel at the Quakes game. what are we looking at? hahahaaa


RAH'S NECKLACE!!! she finally got it!!! :)

that. is. horrid. i mean can you imagine a LESS ideal situation??! 69 children?!?!

Cleo loves popsicles. check out that crazy eye.

this is hilarious: everyone in JJ's family seems to think that jhansen4@gmail.com is his email address. except it's not. IT'S SO NOT HIS E-MAIL ADDRESS. we tell them, they forget to change it. so this poor j hansen keeps getting our crazy family email chains. the last time his sister sent an email i ran my cursor over jhansen4 and his picture popped up. AND IT IS SOOO CLEARLY NOT JJ. HAHAHAHAHAH i died laughing and hit "reply all" to the email to point out the hilarity. i said "OMG YOU GUYS THAT ISN'T JJ'S EMAIL ADDRESS!! LOOK AT HIS PICTURE--DEFINITELY NOT HIM HAHAHAHAHAHHA" and his sister replied, "you DO know that the wrong jhansen is reading this right now..." LOL so i sent one final farewell email to jhansen4 and said "so sorry, i didn't want to be mean, just wanted to point out that yours is NOT the email address they are looking for. you will no longer get any emails from us." no response. poor guy. just right in the middle of our giant hilarious debacle. 


 a very sweet card from my very sweet coworker :)


  1. Love this What's on L's Phone feature!

  2. LOVE the photo of Cle--that is EXACTLY how b&f sleep too. :)

  3. haha cleo! such a loose girl!


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