Thursday, April 21, 2011

white jeans & ham

top: H&M, white jeans: TJ Maxx, shoes: Sperry top-siders, flower: Old Navy

last night i made JJ dinner. and so i brought it to him at work. along with the goodie bag for my "adoptive son." i thought it might be nice to bring the dog as well. we were walking into the stadium, and i was juggling the goodie bag and my purse and Cleo on her leash and JJ's hot dinner. it was 7 on the dot. game time. tons of people swarming around trying to get into the park. i cursed myself for the poor timing and then i felt a tug on the leash. Cleo had stopped to sniff. OHGODNO NOT HERE CLEO. the turn around three times signature move C'MON YOU WORTHLESS PUP NOT HEREEE NOT NOWWW tail up SONOFABITCH and the hugest poo you've ever seen come out of a 7-pound dog. right in the middle of the walkway into the stadium. i had to set down all of the things in my hand and dig around my purse to find a doggie poo bag. THANK GOD I HAD ONE SRSLY. and then i had to pick up her steaming pile of shit while she pranced around me flirting with strangers. thnx, bitch.

but JJ was grateful for a warm meal (penne carbonara with butter and parmesan and red pepper flakes, ((two stars for L)) and a La Croix). and he and his boss told me that the goodie bag i brought was filled with wonderful things and looked MUCH better than all the rest.

white jeans make me laugh. they're so stupid. rmbr that episode of the office where Michael packs his white jeans which he calls his "Fun Jeans" for the convention??? well i feel like he's right. white jeans ARE fun jeans. like maybe they have a little bit of magic in them. they're ready for a night on the town--ready to party! until you are eating a fudge stripe cookie and get chocolate smeared on the crotch of them (oops). 

also today i left my ceramic coffee cup and lid in the sink filled with soapy water to let it soak and get extra clean. when i went to rinse it out, there was a SOGGY PIECE OF HAM FLOATING AROUND IN MY CUP. you like thought i was EVER going to use that cup again. srsly homies, HAM!??!?!!? i hate everyone.

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  1. these are such a lovely cut.

    Helen, X


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