Tuesday, May 24, 2011


skirt: JCP, tee: Juicy Couture, boots: TJ Maxx

i'm pooping a plant and a flamingo lawn ornament. these are the things i wish JJ would tell me before he takes the picture. oh well.

i got these boots years ago. but i still love them. they are party boots. i usually wear them on Valentine's day, but i forgot this year. and this outfit was awfully black and white without them. they add such a pop of color. and they are just such a nice, bright way to say HELLO WORLD!

today i entered into a heated debate via instant messenger with an office depot person named Jeslin. i ordered ink for my boss' printer but they only sent me blue. i needed the blue and the magenta and the yellow. but Jeslin said NO YOU DON'T NEED ANY OTHERS BUT BLUE. and i said "yes i do. all the colors ran out. i need the magenta and the yellow too." and he said, "you only need one." and i was all GUY, C'MON! I NEED ALL THE COLORS SO MY COWORKER'S PRINTER DOESN'T PRINT OUT EVERYTHING IN BLUE. in the end i just clicked out of the instant messenger box. it's a lot easier than hanging up when you're on the phone with one of them. and of course, when i asked my coworker about it, he said, "i need the yellow and the magenta too, please." thanks a LOT, JESLIN.

there is a bird who has taken residence right outside of my building. it makes loud, long, drawn-out mating calls that sort of sound like a woman in labor. he is very obnoxious. but he is also very funny. i like to hear him making his awkwardly vociferous calls against the sterile quiet of my cave office.

JJ says when i get 100 followers he will buy me a chocolate creme pie. isn't that nice? help me get to 100! I WANT THAT PIE OMG!

last night i had a delicious glass of wine and delicious conversation with Rah. JJ made black bean tacos with lettuce and green salsa and sour cream. they were yummy. SO YUMMY. and then i watched the bachelorette. ashley is so annoying. and like, c'mon, are you stupid? Bentley is an ass. and his daughter's name is cozy. COZY?! that's an adjective, not a name. i'm rooting for Will and JP. my favies. i love to get obsessed with these kinds of shows. totally frivolous and fun. and Nel is just as obsessed. so we were madly texting each other back and forth judging all the men. who do YOU want to win?

see you tomorrow dahlings.

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