Friday, May 13, 2011

blogger being down was the end of my life

dress: Ross, tights: TJ Maxx, boots: BCBG

omg you guys. yesterday was so awful when blogger was down. i was heartbroken. and had like nervous twitching all day. so glad it's back and running. 

i love this dress. it has rhinestones sewed onto the shoulders. except they were coming off. so i woke up early yesterday so i could stitch them back on while jealously watching Meredith in Cannes at the film festival. note: everyone needs to go to Cannes. it was my favorite place that we went on our Eurotrip (except for the little rocky beach in Croatia where JJ proposed of course!) it is so beautiful and Moon and i had loads of fun drinking champagne on the beach and eating baguettes. 

JJ and i walked Cleo to the gas station where we bought the XL box of nerds and ate them. and i also made enchiladas again. cha cha! i also sent my majah (mother) her bday gift and i took a shower. i mean, how much more successful can a day get?!

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  1. i can't believe all the outfit ideas i'm getting from your blog!! you have great taste in clothing!


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