Thursday, May 19, 2011

chivalry is dead

 skirt: Tucker for Target, sweater: Forever21, heels: BCBG

hello! and good afternoon! there's no longer a dementor in my office. phew. this picture doesn't do this cool skirt justice. it's gold. like shiny gold flecks mingled in with the navy blue. it's cool. i bought it when i was unemployed. i got home and wore it around the house to make myself feel professional. probs didn't look very good with the pirate t-shirt i was wearing on top, though. point is, i have a job now. thank GOD.

today we went into a meeting to hear another candidate to be my future boss. he said, "we don't need to act like Macy's, we need to act like a boutique," which made me love him. i got there just as the meeting was starting and there wasn't a chair left. so i was standing in the back with a guy and a seat opened up. instead of offering it to the lady, he snatched it for himself. rude. i mean i would get it if he was old and brittle and shit. but he was young and fit looking. like, c'mon man, i'm wearing 4-inch pumps...let me sit down plz. i eventually got lightheaded from all of the physical activity (i.e. standing up for an hour straight) and had to sit on the floor. and on the floor was the vent. so heat was blowing up my skirt and i was all uncomfortable and sweaty.  chivalry is dead.

today on my lunch break i went shopping with a pal from work, Angel. she needed shoes to go with a cute dress she bought because..........she gets to go SEE AMERICAN IDOL LIVE whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa! unfair. so i helped her pick out some adorable shoes and i got my sister M a funny wedding pressie and maybe two tiny things for little ol' me.  

tonight JJ is working. so i think i'll eat cheese and mustard for dinner. and cleo and i will snuggle all night in my jammies and watch reality television.


  1. When did you get that top at Forever 21? I want it!

  2. it was $4! on sale last winter.

  3. omg. i die. i love bargains! i assume it is no longer available. i don't see it on their site. :( it looks fab with that skirt btw. i will have to figure out a way to copy this look. thanks for the inspiration.


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