Thursday, May 26, 2011

desperately seeking deodorant

 dress: Forever21, sweater: JCP, scarf: Louis Vuitton/gift from CP, belt: Target, boots: random store (purchased in haste)

i was up late last night watching American Idol (GO SCOTTY!) and packing for my trip home this weekend, so i woke up a little lackluster today. i was late and i was groggy. so i threw on this urban cowboy/hippie/a little bit crazy outfit this morning. i was embarrassed by weird ensemble when i first left the apartment, but it's sort of growing on me. sometimes you gotta let the freak flag fly. fashion is progressive. try something out of your comfort zone every once in a while and rock it with confidence.

those are my Russel Brand cowboy boots, remember? Rah and i had to buy boots in a hustle because it was cold and wet and rainy and we were wearing sandals like fools. so i can't remember where i got them.

today my darling husband and my cute pup picked me up from work on my lunch break and we ate on the patio of a cute little Italian restaurant and the waiter brought Cleopatra a bowl of water. i love dog friendly restaurants that let you dine outside with your furry friend. 

except, on the way back to the car, of course, at the most inopportune time, when we find ourselves without a doggie poo bag...Cleo took a poo right in the middle of the sidewalk. so i had to sheepishly stand there, next to the steaming pile while JJ dashed over to the car to grab a jiffy lube receipt that he used to pick up the shit. >sigh<

i forgot to wear deodorant today so i smell like a rotten onion and butt. i've been very careful not to let anyone close to me. but it's one of those where it smells so bad that i can't help but give myself a little sniff. and each time i'm just as surprised to find that indeed, my armpits smell like shit. 

note to self: set new hygiene goal.  


  1. Love that sweater with the outfit!!!

  2. love love love the maxi with those boots

  3. love love love this look xxxx

  4. Fun that you & JJ get to have lunch together some days! Also, I feel weird referring to him as JJ, but I'm stickign with the initials you do on your blog :)

    I gave you a blog award today, so check it out!

  5. ahem, you DO REMEMBER where those rhinestone cowboy boots came from.

    i will call you out:


    " i can't remember where i got them"


  6. I wish there was a dog friendly restaurant in my town! That would be so fun. Your puppy is absolutely adorable. Also, ditto about the smelling yourself sans deodorant. I'm like OMG, I'm disgusting. hahaha

  7. If you had Lavilin then you should never have terrible body odor incidents like that again. One application and you're set for the week!

    This company sells it:


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