Friday, May 13, 2011

happy birthday jj

jeans: Gap, blouse: William Rast for Target, belt: Thrifted, shoes: Target, sunglasses: Chanel

okay. confession: i absolutely HATE thrift shops. like, ew, no, i do not want a used pair of shoes or a smelly old mothballed shirt. barf barf barf BARF. does that make me a snob? maybe. and most fashion-obsessed people enjoy thrifting. okay maybe if i found an authentic chanel bag for $400 or something i would change my mind and love thrifting...but for now, no. NOPE. it's gross. in college Moon would always be like "hey L, wanna go to goodwill or salvation army with me?" and i would say "absofudginglutely not." except one time we had to go, to buy our roommate Cracky a Mexican party dress. and even then i felt the need to take a shower. bulghhhhhh

which brings me to this belt i'm wearing. technically it's thrifted. i got it at the retirement community where i used to work (tear. i slightly miss it. never thought i would). you see, "The Corner Store" is a place where the residents could donate the things they no longer want. it was like a big yard sale everyday in the basement. they also sold candy bars, which is why i usually went. except for the three times i broke my no-thrifting rule. once was to buy white leather gloves. i mean HOW COULD ONE PASS UP WHITE LEATHER GLOVES?! the second was to buy a painting of a church that is now hanging in my kitchen. i like it. it's peaceful. the third was to buy this belt. THIS BELT IS THE BEST BELT EVER IN LIFE. it looks like D&G and it has a fudging jaguar on it. SCREAMS confidence, yes? this is my power belt. i've already gotten 7 compliments on it this morning and it's only 10:30. SEVEN. people love to love this belt. and guess what? it was $3. heheheheeeeeee!

so, i guess maybe i should be more open to thrifting. but STILL. someone tell me why it is EVER ok to re-sell used underwear?! even if i was a bum i'd make my way over to a wal-mart to steal some underwear. honestly. used underwear is never ok.

in other news, today is JJ's birthay! heeeee! i got him four presents. 

are these not the CUTEST espresso cups you have ever seen in your LIFE?! JJ said, "leave it to you to buy something for yourself for my birthday." tee hee. but srsly. we NEEEEEEEEDED these. so ador.

it pays to have a bff named Moon who works at Zappos and gives you special insider coupons. i have been dying to buy a pair of sperry topsiders for JJ. but he thinks they're stupid. i think he's stupid. but anyway, i found these boat shoes by vans--i mean HOW perfect?! they are boat shoes done JJ's way. and of course he loves them. (side note: would you take a look at all those mystery stains on my ugg slipper? like, what IS that? gross)

that gift hasn't arrived yet. DAMN. and it's his big present. i reallllly hope it comes in the mail today. 

haaaaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha hahahahahahha ahahhahahahahah hahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA that's me. hahahahahahaha that's meeeeeeeeeeeeee and it's SO HILAR I COULD DIE. it's the fatbooth app on iphone. and it's SO FUNNY.

he also got a present of fancy coffee yesterday from KitKat and her husband. so sweet. and a sloppy wet doggie kiss from Foxy Cleo this morning. what a lucky guy! and he drove me to work and we stopped at McD's for breakfast (ahem...that's twice this week for me OMG) because i'm leaving work at 4. he's picking me up so we can go to Little Tokyo and the Dodger game. he is also picking up his own birthday ice cream cake at 3 from DQ. i'm just the best wife there ever was.


  1. I LOVE fatbooth! Ahahhahaha

  2. you look so chic!!! i'm in awe of your belt. i love to love it just like everyone else does.

    p.s. my word verification is coutedne, which sounds like a french word that could describe how classy you look or something.

  3. Ok...this was seriously probably the funniest post I have ever EVER. I laughed from start to finish. Ahh, my husband also dies in thrift stores...I do ok if I don't touch anything I don't have to (i.e. my fingertips push the cart around, not my hands, etc) and that fat pic...oh dear...thanks for the good laugh!

  4. #1: the belt is to die for. I plan on stealing that in exactly one year.

    #2: YAY FOR TAURUS BABIES!!! I'll have a Washington Apple for JJ and drool it all down my face (I'll forward a video if you forgot what that looked like). :)

  5. Hahahah the fatbooth photo made me giggle and I always do the "here's your gift, it's practical" (meaning it's for me too!) Cute outfit- that belt is slamming! Although I'm a huge thrifter I can understand people who are grossed out by them (especially in the era of bed bugs). When I saw you feature lol cat pictures on your blog- I knew I had to follow!

  6. Pleeeeeease sweep your porch! It's killing yo mama!

  7. You havent posted it two days!!! I love your blog, you crack me up and youre so cute. You should do a post in your weekend sweats or underwear! lol

  8. a) I have the same EXACT shoes that you got jeremy ha ha ha ha

    b) there is a thrift store across the street from my house in Pullman that I love. Once, I saw a pair of size 25 Paige jeans there. I almost got them for you, but then remembered you hate thrifty things. tough luck


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